Sharing few shots of this Tek vintage scope calibration tool that just received recently. Did a brief external inspection, it looks fine and well. Tektronix The Time Mark Generator is a compact, wide-range unit. It is crystal-controlled and provides 16 marker intervals, 4 sinewave frequencies. Tektronix , MHz color digitizing ‘scope main frame SPECIAL, Tektronix Tektronix , TIME MARK generator, , SOLD, sold. Tektronix.

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Tektronix TDS – image. I see v, it works with that voltage? Programmable spectrum analyzer 50kHz to 21GHz.

Tektronix 2901 Time Mark Generators

In there is written 75 degree is that maximum temperature. A thermostat and a heater.

Tektronix my other new acquisition. Tektronix test equipment NOTE: Tektronix 6 08 opt 9. Previous topic Next topic.

Tektronix Equipment

The actual temperature is set during manufacture to the critical temperature of the crystal, which varies slightly. What kind of event can contribute to this “super well done crystal steak” Saul. Tektronix 76 1 3. Logic Analyzer color portable mainframe – image.


Last edited by Saul B. There is a thermostat inside this? P current probe and amplifier. David Wow good job dholland! The rest of the package is filled with insulation. Can I solve with a cooler?

Its the same crystal as in a Tek In looking at the manual, it actually has two separate fektronix, one for v and one for v. Tektronix 76 3 3. Tektronix my other new aquisition Posted: I’ve never seen one fail, but of course that’s possible. Dec Mon 31, 8: Google [Bot]Prutser and 7 guests.

Tektronix 2901 Time Mark Generator B041326

Books Support This Site: It could be configured for either v or v AC, probably using jumpers in the instrument’s power supply. It works well after this episode?

Tektronnix one trouble spot in these is the oven for the crystal oscillator. Would someone with a bit of patience mind trying to explain to someone who knows very little about this stuff me! Steve, my bad, I meant oscilloscope. You still have the your then. Waveguide mixer 90GHz to GHz frequency range – image. The crystal and thermostat are in the middle of the package surrounded by a small heating element. Thank you so mutch Leigh.


Tektronix Time Mark Generator B | eBay

Mar Mon 07, 9: Either way, it’s only a tool for calibration? Tektronix P opt 1. Mar Mon 07, Yours is marked with two voltages: VX stimulus system mainframe tketronix.

Tektronix D2 We now accept visa, mastercard and american express credit cards. You might consider putting some clear fingernail polish over the numbers.

OPT 2 rear outputs. This happened on mine and it took me years to tdktronix down a replacement oven. DPO advanced waveform capture, display, measurement.