Buy A Farsa (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Christopher Reich (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Principais trabalhos, A Farsa A Vingança A Traição. Gênero literário · thriller · romance policial. Página oficial. Página oficial. Christopher Reich (Tóquio, 12 de novembro de ) é um escritor norte-americano. Nasceu. BaixarPdf,ePub,Mobi. Contribute to seedorfh/seedorf development by creating an account on GitHub.

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It’s a great airport novel but with a little work, could have been better. In this first rate fiction, we follow our hero in his quest to dig out the truth about his wife. A melee occurs and two policemen end up dead. Mar 22, Stephanie rated it really liked reicg Shelves: After Numbered Account, there came The Runner Jonathan Ransom is a physician with Doctors without Borders.

Then one day, it went away. Refresh and try again.

Puzzled, he journeys to a railway station only to find himself inexplicably attacked by the Swiss christtopher. Several characters have more than one identity. She rech let him get near death a number of times but she just happens to end up on a remote road just in the nick of time to save a man who she married as a cover?

Jonathan Ransom, world-class mountaineer and surgeon for Doctors Without Borders, is climbing in the Swiss Alps with his beautiful wife, Emma, when a blizzard sets in. He is not what one would consider an action hero by any account.

Suddenly, nobody is who they seem. Honestly, there isn’t anything that I disliked about it! Jonathan realizes early in the novel that his wife is a spy with a separate life. I can’t help myself, by the last third of the book, I was carrying it around all evening reading in every free moment because I had to know how it ended. True, this is the fault of many spy thrillers on the bestseller lists today, and this is the world of fantasy.


Very short chapters, moving from one key player to another and back again. He lives in Encinitas, California.

Rules of Deception

Christopherr was the Reich is one of those authors whom I feel I discovered all on my own. That said, I would enjoy it even more if chrstopher read a little LeCarre or Len Deighton and incorporate more plot plausibility, a little subtlety, a little more real spy stuff and a little less harrowing and exaggerated story lines.

His wife, a supposed trained nurse gets up and walks causes an arterial bleed before he can come back for health. The First Billion http: Christopher Reich, in Rules of Deception, outdoes himself. The book reads like a Dan Brown or Ludlum novel.

Especially since, at the time, I was in a reading slump. Hardcoverpages. Apaixonado e cheio de saudades, ele ve a esposa por duas vezes. A day later, Dr. It is fascinating to see how the male protagonist, who has no experience in foreign intrigue and is connected to no intelligence or counter-intelligence agency, gets sucked into an extremely complex and dangerous set of circumstances and unwittingly turns into a major player in this life-and-death chess game.

Then, an unexpected package arrives for Emma containing a luggage claim check. Liberia is english speaking. An entertaining read, but Reich is no threat to a well-written Robert Farsaa book, at least not yet. Can you imagine being in love with a wife who is actually leading a totally provocative second life?

Some Enjoyable spy thriller set in the towns and mountains of Switzerland, with a few chhristopher to Washington and the Middle East. Ransom gets an envelope sent to his wife with two baggage claim tickets inside. An christophre convoluted plot detailing a number of misguided rejch simultaneously doing equally misguided stuff.

This is a great beach book. This is a book with twists faarsa turns and although it is a bit longer than I would have liked, it was a bit difficult to keep the characters straight and the sub plots in clear relation to the main story line. The book is absolutely preposterous, of course, but that’s what makes it fun.


When I finish reading a book, I usually like to do some research on the author and I found out some interesting tidbits when I researched both Reich and The Rules of Deception. Ransom’s wife apparently is killed during a skiing accident. He moved to the United States in Jonathon RansomEmma Ransom. Twenty-four hours later, Jonathan receives an envelope addressed to his wife containing two baggage-claim tickets.

Rules of Deception (Jonathan Ransom, #1) by Christopher Reich

Jonathan Ransom, is constantly confronted with shocking and crazy things that plunge him deeper chrristopher deeper into a maze that seems like he will never find his way out. A friend has recommended it to me. Having given this author’s first novel only two stars as well, I think I’m probably done, even though I wanted to like his work. There are no good guys in this story!

The boogeyman is always there ready to jump out and kill him and yet sometimes, he keeps his distance and we forget about him. Half way through it, I had not idea whom to call the “good guys” and whom to call the “bad guys,” and even less who these “guys” q.

Christopher Reich – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

During his climbs, he sought out uncharted routes. He must find out the truth about Emma to both save his own life and to understand her other life rreich that he can be at rest with his memories of christtopher life and love together. Next we meet Jonathan Ransom and his wife Emma both serving with Doctors Without Jonathan Ransom, book1 This is an exciting thriller, it has everything: Books by Christopher Reich.

And as her life ends his life is changed forever.