The year-old Brazilian who designed the national team’s golden yellow shirt is exhilarated by Saturday’s last clash. Aldyr Garcia Schlee. The shirt was designed by Aldyr Garcia Schlee, whose loyalty was not to Brazil but to neighbouring Uruguay, to whom Brazil, playing in front of. When he was nineteen, Aldyr Garcia Schlee designed the yellow shirt and blue shorts that became so familiar to soccer fans.

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Order of Cultural Merit Brazil.

Aldyt the early s, Brazilian football was still trying to forget the Uruguay match, the game that is remembered today only as ‘The Defeat’. Views Read Edit View history.

Yet they were prevented from wearing what was now their lucky strip in the final; their opponents were Sweden, one of the few countries also to play in yellow. More on this story. Image copyright EPA Image sclee Brazilian players observed a minute of silence to Aldyr Schlee before a friendly against Uruguay in London The man who designed the Brazilian football team’s famous yellow shirt has died.

The authorities decided that a new strip would be created and launched a national competition in Aldyr still lives in Pelotas. A competition was launched to find a shirt that would use all four colours of the national flag: Today, when Aldyr watches Brazil play in ‘his’ shirt, he feels not pride but guilt. He enjoys rereading these articles, but, in truth, Aldyr is indifferent to his creation. Camisa Verde e Branco G. He wrote various short stories and his work has been included in a number of anthologies.

This page was schlre edited on 13 Decemberat The only requirement was that it should have the four colours of the national flag green, yellow, blue and white to instil the players with a sense of pride and passion. The new kit was used for the first time in a friendly in and later that year in the World Cup in Switzerland. Just as colour transmission gave sport schleee new dimension, so did Brazil’s garica take football to another level.

Until losing in the final match to Uruguay, the Brazilian national team used to play in white. Why you can trust BBC News. He gagcia that there was only one way to mix the colours – yellow shirt with green collar and cuffs, blue shorts with a white vertical stripe and white socks.


Inon the day he was due to hand in his doctoral thesis on ‘national self-determination’, an army wagon was waiting at the university door to impound all copies. In a interview Schlee said that during World War II he personally witnessed German-Brazilian farmers in a chain gang, arrested because they had been caught speaking their native language when the Brazilian Vargas government had summarily prohibited anyone from speaking it; [4] the author explained how it shocked him and caused a lifelong impression on him, to see those men being paraded single file through the city of Santa Cruz do Sul where he lived at that time.

Top Stories No easy answers to migrant issue – Javid The home secretary is chairing talks in London, as another group of migrants lands on a Kent beach. The competition was won by Mr Schlee, who worked as an illustrator for a provincial newspaper in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The golden years | Sport | The Observer

The story of Brazil’s ‘sacred’ yellow and green jersey. Ironically, Mr Schlee was born near the border and supported the Uruguayan football team throughout his life, including in the match against Brazil. Politics Home Parliaments Brexit.

In the s, he became a short story writer, twice winning the Bienale of Brazilian literature. Elsewhere on the BBC. His literary universe is the borderland between both countries – schpee attempt to overcome the dividing line,’ he says. Aldyr Schlee, designer of Brazil’s famous yellow jersey, dies 17 November But the strip – white with blue collars – was criticised for being insufficiently patriotic.

Aldyr was imprisoned three times and expelled from alydr teaching job for ‘philo-communist activities contrary to university spirit’.

The shirt was designed by Aldyr Garcia Schlee, whose loyalty was not to Brazil but to neighbouring Uruguay, to whom Brazil, playing in front ofhome fans, had lost the World Cup Final.

Schlee died on November 15,a week before his 84th birthday, [2] and on the eve of a Brazil vs. Related Topics Brazil Uruguay. Brazilian — Uruguayan international relations and the literature of Uruguay and of Brazil, with further specialty in works produced by authors from the state of Rio Grande do Sul.


That would only have happened if they won it three times in a row. Four years later, Brazil finally won the trophy. The runner-up was an unharmonious hybrid of green shirt, white shorts and yellow socks.

The golden years

It is a remarkable stroke of fate that a man of little national pride created the proudest national symbol of Brazil – and has a greater affection for the country that caused the need for a new shirt in the first place.

But it did not bring them good fortune in that year’s World Cup finals, in Switzerland aldhr Brazil were knocked out by Hungary in a violent quarter-final. Meanwhile, his shirt had become an icon whose high point was the World Cup finals in Mexico, where Brazil won the trophy for the third time.

The first time the national team stepped out in Aldyr’s strip was in March The shy, provincial teenager soon returned home, where he became a successful journalist and academic.

Shortly schoee winning the competition, Aldyr moved to Rio. When I visited him there, he showed me some faded newspaper reports from In Decemberthe prize was awarded to Aldyr, a year-old newspaper illustrator living in Pelotas, a small town near the Uruguay border.

Some of his books first appeared in Spanish and were published in Uruguay. Printable version Send it to a friend Clip. The players, he says, were ‘scoundrels, drunks and philanderers’. These are external links and will open in a new window. The home secretary is chairing talks in London, as another group of migrants lands on a Kent beach.

Aldyr Schlee, designer of Brazil’s famous yellow jersey, dies

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yet his books sell much better in Uruguay than in Brazil. Schlee had two main areas of expertise: