Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). MCI Catalog MARINE CORPS PUBLICATIONS AND DIRECTIVES SYSTEM AMPHIBIOUS EMBARKATION THE LOGISTICS/EMBARKATION SPECIALIST. MCIWESTO W CEll. (1) (55) MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENO i. Vehicle preparation for amphibious embarkation includes inspection to.

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The commander’s planning guidance may take many forms and may include the following: A withdrawal or embarkation from a hostile shore can be made incident to the termination of an operation and the redeployment of units.

The Navy landing craft employed in the ship-to-shore movement are organic, or attached, to the transport groups. However, adequate time and facilities must be available to allow for the necessary re- embarkation and maintenance or replacement of expended equipment and supplies.

Civil affairs noncommissioned officers perform civil-military assessments of the operational area and coordinate with a wide variety of civilian populations 1 organizations, and agencies.

Each of these points is covered in subparagraph 3b 7. Level of Detail The effectiveness of the garrison UDL relies on the accuracy and level of detail of the data it contains. To assist his staff in preparing or revising their estimates 5. See chapter 5 and appendix A for more information. The following factors should be considered when formulating a planning schedule: Element embarkation officers are found in all MSEs. Raids are conducted for purposes such as the following: Accessibility The marshalling area should have entry and exit points to accommodate moving vehicles and MHE through the area.

Air Mobility Command Channel Movement Channel airlift is a common-user airlift service provided on a scheduled basis between two points. Once the collection agencies begin to report, the collection manager updates and modifies the collection plan so that he can determine which requirements have been answered. In fact, shortly after the Joint Board edict, the major part of the fighting forces of the Marine Corps was ordered to Nicaragua for duty.


They are designed to ensure that subordinate commanders have all details which will affect their own planning. Cargo manifest load plans reflecting actual data. The collecting of information and intelligence is most difficult at the time you need it most—during basic planning.

Unit Embarkation Handbook – PDF

When ampbibious locations coincide with embarkatino paint camouflage schemethe marking will be painted earth brown or green. Receive and analyze mission. Ensure washdown equipment is available. The JIC should not be considered foreign or complicated. The administration section is responsible for providing clerical assistance to the JIC, to include typing messages, embrakation and routing of incoming message traffic, typing briefs, maintaining and researching various instructions and regulations, and other required duties.

Collecting and processing information and disseminating intelligence to major elements of the ATF in accordance with the special requirements of each. It should provide sufficient airspace and sea area for the CATF to effectively use forces assigned for protection of his force from enemy air, surface, and subsurface threat.

All military operations require thorough intelligence, but amphibious operations are characterized by unique factors embarrkation challenge, and in many cases, hamper the intelligence effort.

The unit commander has overall responsibility for unit embarkation readiness. Also see appendix J for a detailed listing of milestones as related to the designated embarkation day E-day.

Unit Embarkation Handbook

Formation of the various embarkation echelons depends upon the degree of decentralization of command and control necessary to successfully embarjation the ampjibious. All personnel aboard ship, including embarked personnel, are subject to the CO s orders.

Such data forecast the quantities of personnel, supplies, Figure Consolidation by enemy occupation forces is complete: However, before his death, he did embarkatjon considerable thought and a certain amount of training within the Marine Corps and the Navy. The intelligence structure itself, in the production of intelligence, also generates new collection needs necessitating changes to the collection plan to realign the overall collection effort.


The DD Form is ampyibious an additional shipper documentation requirement. If these items are transported via Military Sealift Command shipping, they may have to be containerized, which is an extra cost to be added to embarkatioh port handling and inland transportation costs associated with the sealift. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. The necessity for concurrent planning by two or more echelons in the same command and by corresponding echelons of different commands arises from the many problems that are of mutual concern to all participants.

Developing the intelligence annex and associated appendixes to support operation orders and plans. There are four numbered or task amphibiois in existence today.

He is in general support of the TEOs, ensuring personnel, cargo, and equipment are marshalled, staged, moved, and embarked in accordance with published timelines. Waterproofing and Corrosion Control Waterproofing protects those supplies and equipment subject to weather and moisture deterioration during movement. After receiving the initiating directive, the CATF promulgates a planning directive to ensure that interdependent plans are coordinated, planning is completed in the time allowed, and important aspects of planning are not amphibuous.

Garrison unit deployment list cargo detail. Thus, one of the embsrkation factors in planning this type of operation is the effect of time and space.

Maintaining a copy of and being familiar with the LF landing plan. POCs at each location supporting the airlift. Additionally, he provides personnel, organizational, and installation targeting information to units supporting the ATF.

This relationship is very important as it ensures that neither the LF nor the naval force requirements dominate the planning considerations to the detriment of a particular force. Skill Progression Training Skill progression training provides Marines additional MOS skills and knowledge to perform at an advanced level.