Sakhalin Island has ratings and 42 reviews. Luís said: It is while reading the volume 1 of 1Q84 of Haruki Murakami that I wanted to read this book, i. Sakhalin Island (Oneworld Classics) [Anton Chekhov] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , the year-old Chekhov, already. Back in , Anton Chekhov set out on a journey to the “prison island” of Sakhalin, to investigate the penal conditions in the Russian Far East.

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But there were also ironically funny but sad discussions of the penal administration and the people involved. This book is one of those roads not taken, if one may describe a travel book in such a counter intuitive way, but his short ficti Odd book in that Chekhov’s style and concerns don’t seem to marry up with the rest of his writing.

I’m not aware of his having made any use of the Sakhalin material in any of his short stories for example. Now collected here in one volume are the fully annotated translations of his impressions of his trip through Siberia, and the account of his three-month sojourn on Sakhalin Island, together with author’s notes, extracts from Chekhov’s letters cuekhov relatives and associates, and photographs.

Impressionistic, water-color poetic writer. In he travelled across Siberia to remote prison island, Sakhalin. He outlined his program in a letter to his brother Aleksandr: I see so much reflection in his political understanding of islajd nature that is touched on in all four of the major plays. As a playwright, he ranks in popularity second only to Shakespeare in the English-speaking world. The author shows us a micro society with the prisoners who are presented better than others, those who trade in alcohol and cigarettes, he shows us the too great distance from Moscow where are discussed some sentences without any knowledge of the field, initiatives full of good will that miss their goal like the harvests of clothes and toys made in Moscow by charitable works that do not arrive in the right place.

His subjects were silly social situations, marital problems, farcical encounters between anon, wives, mistresses, and lovers, whims of young women, fhekhov whom Chekhov sakhaln not much knowledge — the author was was shy with women even after his marriage. The only person who was not disturbed by the punishment was the German medical orderly who had asked in a wheedling tone if he could watch.

He spent half a salhalin to get there train, sea, horsesearned tuberculosis on this way and went out with the most horrifying, detailed testimony to what was happening there.


The only person who was not disturbed by the punishment was the G Chekhov’s journey to Sakhalin Island was a really interesting book showing how different life was in those days.

As a prose islnd, he was one of the first to use the stream-of-consciousness technique, and his sakhalim realism, full of ambiguity and allusion, provides no easy moral conclusions and results in a new kind of narrative approaching real life in a way no writer had achieved before him. The Woman in the Case.

He collects statistics on health and mortality as usland travels round the island. Much of the demographic and social data does, in fact, appear in the text, but Chekhov simply could not bring himself to write a scientific treatise.

There are a couple of stories of people doing nice things for one another like a priest who used to live on the island and went through great sacrifices to visit and help people.

The human mind is alive to stories, “In the Ravine” or “My Life” plainly come from the same pen – all that has changed is the means of expression. Chapter 23, which is based on chekhog records from the three hospitals on Sakhalin, presents a picture of morbidity and mortality among the convicts. His second full-length novel, The Shooting Party, was translated into English in The Death of a Civil Servant.

I give it 4 stars because I learned something and it’s an important book.

Sakhalin Island (Chekhov) – Wikipedia

O inspector continua a contar. Unless you are very interested in statistics, Russian deportation and imprisonment statistics to be clear, I’d stay away from eakhalin. He will be able to visit even “the prison of the recidivists”he will even attend a punishment which he will find very barbarous, the application of the shots of the rods antob whip.

The prisoners themselves seem to be a mixture of murderers, cheaters, and people unjustly accused.

Sakhalin Island

Chekhov spent three months on Sakhalin Island, interviewing convicts and settlers for a census it was a katorga island, a penal colony back then.

Feb 07, Chris Mcmanaman rated it it was ok Shelves: Want to Read saving….

Jan 09, Hightatras rated it really liked it. They led me through dark, damp corridors and courteously informed me about methods of production [ The Gilyaks treat their women like dirt. Do yourself a favor and do not read the description of the punishment meted out to the prisoner who tried to escape which is described at the end of the book. While in the school, he began to islxnd hundreds of comic short stories to support himself and his mother, sisters and brothers.


Thus, the book is a peculiar mixture of personal observation, anecdote, quantitative data, and social analysis. Chekhov begins by describing his trip across the Tatar Strait on the steamer Baikal and his arrival at Alexandrovsk, the largest settlement and administrative center of Sakhalin Island.

Anton Chekhov — is one of the giants of modern literature, exerting a strong influence on many present-day novelists dhekhov dramatists. This book contains the complete text of “Sakhalin Island” [ pages], Chekhov’s treatise describing his visit in to the Russian penal colonies on Sakhalin Island, and “Across Siberia” [30 pages], a description of his journey across Siberia to Sakhalin.

Chekhov also seems to have an abiding dislike is,and Jews. Overall though it was enjoyable and I actually learned a lot from this usland Bamforth is a Scottish physician-writer who practices in France. His publisher at this sakhaoin was Nicholas Leikin, owner of the St. He will share for a few months the lives of all the people who live on the island, both representatives of authority and those sentenced.

Sakhalin Island by Anton Chekhov. A cohabitant regards a prostitute who earns a piece of bread as a beneficial domestic animal and respects her; that is, he himself prepares the samovar and is silent when she argues with him.

Prisoners became colonists on completion of their sentences. If sakhlin drives you crazy then don’t read this book. Now collected here in one volume are the fully sakhalim translations of his impressions of his trip through Siberia and the account of his three-month sojourn on Sakhalin Island, together with his notes and extracts from his letters to relatives and associates.

Sakhalin Island – Alma Books

The translation is excellent, with lots of detailed notes of how the translator was working within the subtleties and polymorphism of the language and Chekhov’s original notes. He evidently surveyed many thousands of persons on Sakhalin, using a item data collection card. It’s just a statistical cr Unless you are very interested in statistics, Russian deportation and imprisonment statistics chrkhov be clear, I’d stay away from this. He tells of how the exiles while away their lives with cards, like addicts, while they ignore the work that needs to be done to better their lives.

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