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Development of Intra-industry Trade as a Measure of Competitiveness of the Polish Food Sector

Tomasz GrabiaAndrzej Pieczewski. To achieve this, the begg presented the aims, the tools and the aspects of financial stability to confront them with the situation that has occurred in the EU countries.

To present the issue profoundly, the scientific research related to fiscal policy and its impact on financial markets were used in two opening units. Faculty of Law and Administration.

Vol 2 No 1 Copyright by University of Lodz. Published Jun 30, Knowledge of the basic concepts of mathematics and entrepreneurship. In addition to the educational process is communicate and strengthening ability to make rational economic decisions. Labour market and unemployment XI.

Basics of Macro- and Micro-economy – USOSweb

Money and monetary system IX. The growing intensity level of intra-industry trade in agri-food products is one of the markers of high competitiveness of the Polish food producers. The intra-industry trade in differentiated products of lower level of processing was less intensive. Lecture with makroekonmia discussion. Main categories and notions of macroeconomics VII.


Vol 4 No 2 Teoria i praktyka, SGH, Warszawa. Fundamentals of firm theory VI. De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Fiscal Policy in European Union Countries in Time of the Economic Crisis – Attempt to Estimation

Issue 1 First Online: These products included agricultural raw materials and homogeneous products. In the third unit, the statistic data was cited to show the condition of the EU countries, the changes to it and the attempts aimed at improving the state of the public finance and therefore stabilizing financial markets. User Account Sign in to save searches and makroekonomiaa your favorite content. Method and Criteria of Assessment:. Inthe importance of intra-industry trade in the Polish agri-food trade increased by over 14 percentage points.

Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract In this article, stability of fiscal policy and its impact on fiscal market have been analyzed. Final exam open questions and test. Dach, Oficyna Wolters Kluwer, Warszawa.

University of Lodz – Central Authentication System. The analysis uses, first of all, the index introduced by Grubel and Lloyd hereinafter referred to as GL indexwhich is a commonly used indicator of intra-industry trade intensity and one of the measures of international competitiveness. The main objective of the course is to familiarize students with the most important economic problems at the level of individual subjects consumers and entrepreneurs and the entire economy.


Main trends of economics III. The market mechanism of demand and supply IV. The issue makroekonomiaa especially important makrofkonomia times of the financial crisis which has affected all the European Union countries, although to a different extent.

This article aims at analysing the significance of the intra-industry trade in the Polish foreign trade in agri-food products and assessment of the competitiveness of the Polish food sector on this basis. Sign in to annotate. Moreover, as regards the food sector a quite significant part was played by vertical intra-industry trade, including re-export, i.

State budget and fiscal policy Makrowkonomia.