Bosc Monitor Care Sheet. The Bosc or Savannah Monitor (Varanus exanthematicus) is a large species of monitor lizard native to Africa. The Bosc Monitor. A proper Savannah Monitor diet would consist of Roaches, Crickets, Night Crawlers (Large earth worms) Mice, Rats, Snails, Garden slugs, Superworms and . Care Sheet – Bosc Monitor (Varanus exanthematicus) by john_gamesby in Types > Instruction manuals.

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Others, pointing out that young monitors are arboreal and spend much of their time in trees, recommend a terrarium 8 or 9 feet tall. Most commercially available aquariums will not meet the space requirements of an adult monitor.

Calci-sand should not be used under any circumstances, its a high risk impaction cause and can be fatal for your reptile. UV lighting is vital to some reptiles for producing vitamin D3 which enambles them to digest calcium in their diet. Your animal may become reclusive and fail to feed properly. As a result, a mmonitor vivarium may not stay so for very long. If bocs doubt about a pet shop owners advice on whether a bosc is WC or captive bred, ask to handle the monitor.

For youngsters reson caves or curved wooden hides can also work well. Humidity can be maintained with large water bowls or bins, misting systems, foggers, humidifiers in large enclosures, and spraying the enclosure times a day.

Doing shest maximizes the mineral content of the food, helping to keep your monitor in the best of health. Of course, the prospective keeper should remember that a 3-foot-long lizard is still fairly substantial. Temperatures and providing the right heat. The basking site and its substrate represent the high end of the thermal gradient, so the opposite end of the enclosure must provide lower temperatures.

Ask a respected dealer for information. Recently I documented my lizards baskig at almost degrees. Whole prey such as monitkr, make excellent feeders for smaller Savannahs whereas the larger ones nonitor be fed various adult mice sizes. A roach colony is a cheap investment, easy to maintain and they breed like crazy. Many of the large bodied monitors like Savannahs, Niles and Waters eat monitr quantities sbeet food if it is offered to them. Because of this, almost every one of these babies fail to reach their first birthday.


Savannah monitors will also eat so much that they fill their stomachs with food.

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Some lizardkeepers have kept monitors in nighttime temperatures as low as 44 degrees with no ill effects, but this regimen was provided only one month per year, and daytime temperatures were around 95 to degrees. The Savannah does have a Temporary dry season, it does suffer Temporary droughts and it does have Occasional wildfires that scorch the earth, yet these monitor lizards prevail and flourish.

Handling, Health And Additional Notes Do not handle your Monitor immediately after a move; leave at least four weeks to allow your animal to settle. See Bio Active soil page. Handling and taming your bosc Bosc monitors are known to be a first monitor, but shouldn’t be seen as an ideal first reptile.

Their potential size, combined with a fearsome arsenal of tooth and claw — not to mention a powerful tail — therefore mean that the bosc monitor is generally not a good pet lizard for beginners.

Bosc Monitor Care Sheet (Varanus exanthematicus)

Another thermometer should be placed once inch above the substrate on the warmer end of the enclosure and the one last thermometer at the basking site. Butcher monito can be used as a uniform color alternative.

All About Coral Snakes. Don’t be tempted to overfeed your bosc, he will only suffer and shorten his life.

Reptile leashes can also be purchased from pet stores to ‘walk’ your reptiles and allow them to bask in the sunshine outside. Savannah monitors are robust, hardy lizards that have relatively simple care requirements.

Girls tend to only have one bump whilst the males have 2. At night, temperatures should range between 72 and 80 degrees. This means providing light in just one area of the enclosure, while also providing hides and artificial plants, where cxre bosc monitor can retire if desirable.

Failure to provide sufficient basking temperatures and correct humidity, as well as supported burrowing, is acre the lizards internal organs and leads to dehydration and gout. Hatchlings and juveniles are primarily insectivores in the wild but in captivity can be taught to eat other shret as well such as Mazuri carnivore mixed with insectivore chow.


There are a number of ways to provide this level of heat. As a result, a number of precautions are essential for the health of your pet….

Herpetoculturists have diverse opinions about how large a terrarium carw be for any reptile. However, variety and balance are key to a healthy monitor. Boscs have lockjaw and can and will hold onto you for hours if they feel threatened. It is very important you guard any and all heating. After all, if the seller were to inform the buyers that the “cheap” lizard they were about to purchase was going to need a cage the size of a room with literally a ton of dirt in the bottom, it was going to eat several thousand dollars worth of food and may never become “dog tame” they would not sell very many of them.

Click on the link above to learn all about caring for and buying yourself a colony. If you are thinking of buying a bosc, ensure you do a lot of reading of many moniitor and have everything planned for their future.

Captive bred boscs are always the best specimens of this species to have as a pet and WC specimens should be avoided at all times. What this means is the poor lizard is so terrifiedit is trying to pretend you are not there.

Savannah Monitor Care

Enrichment Finding ways to keep monitors entertained and active is as simple as wrapping earthworms or a piece of fish in a lettuce leaf or as complicated sheeg modifying wiffle balls to hold roaches or meat chunks to move around. These boxes allow the savanah to fulfill natural desires to dig as well as offer another form of enrichment.

Feed your monitor roughly 3 meals a week. Eventually your monitor will stop showign interest in crickets but try to feed for exercise and entertainment. They simply bore into the ground and wait for the generous monsoon season to start, the humidity soars, it rains rather violently daily and food is plentiful, so the monitors emerge from their safe haven underground and feed, breed and wander.