CABAC designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of over product lines to the electrical industry engineered and tested to Australian. be cross referenced in the CABAC catalogue according to each . For your protection, only use CABAC branded lugs, links or connectors and rest easy knowing. CABAC Logo. Electrical Online Catalogue Index. Section A | Terminals · Section B | Lugs and Links · Section C | Special Manufacturing & Cross Reference.

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Signal and thermocouple contacts in a single package. Power Connector Selection Guide This complete overview of our power connector products includes product photos, contact layouts, and key performance criteria.

High Density Rectangular High density rectangular connectors for a wide variety of applications. Includes hot swap, blind mate, mixed contact size options, along with a wide variety of termination styles and accessories. Scorpion Complete connector configuration with almost limitless possibility of contact variations.

Hermetic Connector feed throughs for the purpose of high vacuum applications. Utility Connector Micro-miniature utility connectors designed to allow for custom configurations by stacking. Connector Savers Connector savers can be mated to a connector that would normally experience high numbers of mating cycles, “saving” a connector that cannot be easily replaced.

An email will be sent to you with further instructions. Insulated bus-bar clamps and devices. Integral locking system Dual Port Connectors vertically stacked into a single connector unit. Safety Shroud Power connector utilizing size 12 power contacts and featuring a safety shroud. Automotive Connectors Medical Industries High frequency, high voltage, high current, differential high data rates and fibre optical interface solutions for the specialized fields of medical and industrial technologies.


VPB Series The VPB Series was developed to provide a dedicated interface for power, system management and auxiliary circuits between boards and backplanes. Spacecraft Components Corp Catalogues: The Cabac Test and Measurement Catalogue provides information and assistance on a wide range of products. Card Edge Connectors 2. The Cabac Overhead and Underground Catalogue includes a wide range of products. Available in miniature or micro-miniature versions.

Combo-D Mixed contact sizes within one connector package; signal, power, coax, high voltage, and thermocouple contact are available. Dragon Fly Miniature connector with power and signal contacts.


Wondersun High reliability, quick disconnect, single pole or multi-pole power connector rated at 60 amperes per contact. Infinity Complete connector configuration with almost limitless possibility of contact variations.

PCB mount and environmental options. Thermocouple Connectors with 9 to 50 contacts in six package sizes.

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A multitude of contact variants available, csbac current ratings to amps. The Tripac Catalogue includes an extensive range of PVC extruded and moulded products, including ducting, conduit and much more. Circle Hex Professional quality, fixed contact circle hex connectors. If you have entered a Sign In Name then the password reset email will be sent to the email address linked to your Sign In Name.

King Cobra High reliability, economically priced circular connector with power and signal contacts. D-Subminature Accessories Accessories for D-subminiature connectors including angle brackets, hoods, jackscrews, and other locking systems. Front Runner High performance, lightweight circular connectors of composite material. Learn more about Sign In Name. Never signed in before?

CABAC: New Moving Image from Scotland – Maeve Redmond

Low Profile Scorpion Complete connector configuration with almost limitless possibility of contact variations. The Cabac Safety Catalogue is a range of quality, safety products for the workplace environment.


The Cabac Data Catalogue provides information on our extensive range of data products. The Cabac Lighting and Energy Control Catalogue includes a range of dimmers, timers, sensors and more.

The leakage rate of 5 x mbar. The Cabac Cable Marking Catalogue includes a wide variety of mounts, adhesives, labels and more. If you have entered an old account number the password reset email will go to the web account owner.

Secured using a unique one quarter turn locking system. When used as a system, the cables and access boxes shown here meet all the requirements of the SAE J Specification. Two pole and four pole available. Specialists in connector and cabling solutions. D-Subminature Industrial and military application standard and high catalpgue D-subminiature connectors; catalogue contains a wide variety of contact terminations for cable and board mount.

The Cabac General Electrical Catalogue includes an extensive range of products.

Goldfish Power connectors for high, mid and low range power applications that require excellent blind mating. Great Golden Power connector for high range power applications that require excellent blind mating. Cabac Fibre Catalogue is an extensive range of products for all your fibre requirements. Crimp, PCB mount, and connector saver thermocouple contact options.