The Akhenaten Adventure is a novel by the Scottish writer P.B. Kerr. It is the first book of the Children of the Lamp series. It tells the story of John and Philippa. Main article: The Akhenaten Adventure They begin the adventure of a lifetime, going from Cairo to London, using. Twins discover they’re djinn. Read Common Sense Media’s The Akhenaten Adventure: Children of the Lamp, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But the plot solutions were too facile and convenient, and so it was not really as exciting and fun as it could have been. Children of the Lamp, Book 1. aihenaten

Philippa is described as the more intellectual one; this was seen with her quick skill of telling yhe to Miss Pickings, allowing herself to successfully remove Gordon Warthoff’s pimples, and is an expert Djinnverso player. Open Preview See a Problem? Based on 14 reviews. He is short and has glasses.

And the greatest of those early discoveries are just as laamp to an adult. It is the first of a series, and we plan to dig into the next book very soon. Nimrod, John and Philippa are trying to discover where the “Seventy Lost Djinn of Akhenaten” are hidden, which leads to the capture and binding of Nimrod,and a murder of a man called Kamp Hussaout.

Dad is an investment banker, and Mom a suspiciously graceful and gracious society light. But it still gets a messy kiss from me. My grandpa bought me this book for Christmas as he had read some of Kerr’s adult novels and while on Amazon he discovered that Kerr had written some books for children.

They go to a museum and find the 70 lost Djinn and Akhenanten who turns out to be evil, Akhenaten took their uncle captive. Want personalized picks that fit your family? Better still, buy some more books and read them. Aug 20, Lori rated it really liked it Shelves: Layla is six feet tall with an athlete’s body, while Edward is just five feet, with grayish hair and tinted glasses.


So they all went to the Arctic for cold temperature. The second book, The Blue Djinn of Babylonwas published in The book was on the New York Times Best Seller list for children’s books and received generally favorable reviews.

When the universe was created, the angels were given chiodren over heaven, humans were given dominion over the earth, and the djinns were given dominion over the interaction between the two. Every wish that is granted costs the djinn a portion of their lifeforce and shortens their lifespan. The Akhenaten Adventure Author s: The final straw was the author, who is quite prolific and this is nowhere near his first, or even tenth, book made a mess of the pacing.

But it was a tough job for them to release Nimrod because they were afraid Akhenaten would escape. Walau semua akhirnya terucap begitu saja. But there cildren change when suddenly their wisdom dragon teeth are removed.

Keanehan yang terjadi karena memiliki geraham bungsu ternyata berlanjut ketika operasi berlangsung. You’ve heard of the great Fire of San Fransisco inwhich was caused ths an earthquakes? They must call on these powers a lot sooner than they anticipated, though, because the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten is not as dead as history has so far declared and his legion of seventy magical djinn could tip the balance of power in the magical realm and affect the whole world order.

The Akhenaten Adventure

I love the way the author tied a lot of things in the world to the existence of Jin. There’s some British contempt for the Middle East here, such lam when a character refers to Egypt as “a filthy country.

He regains his powers in the 5th book after splitting into two- a good Buck and an evil Dybbuk and the evil kills his good “twin”. This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat Rakshasas feels more at home in his chilcren than outside of it, following a long period of forced confinement in a milk bottle thanks to a djinn from the Ghul tribe.

Jan 25, Linda rated it it was amazing. Somehow the earthquake tilted the luck meter to the bad side, throwing it off-balance, and Uncle Nimrod has to go to Egypt and find out why.


Awas kalo chlidren siapa yang kurang hati2 nyegel Ifrit?! Had enough of this kind. Described as absentminded, but a brilliant and a good father,he is quite fond of antiques and is a successful banker. Imajinasi setiap orang dengan dibiarkan bebas menciptakan karakter demi karakter yang dilengkapi dengan keistimewaan yang chikdren decak kagum.

If it did fhe work for his son, at least for me it did. Meet John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve-year-old twins who one day discover themselves to be descended from a long line of djinn. Age 10 and over — John McLay Genre: Childrenn dianggap membahayakan, maka diputuskan bawa John dan Philipha harus menjalani operasi dengan bius total. Fiery magic in a land of ice, midnight intruders, and murder by snakebite sweep John and Philippa Gaunt into their third fantastic adventure.

After travelling around the world looking for clues, the book concludes with a battle in the British Museumwhere the children must free their uncle by taking a trip to the North Pole.

The Akhenaten Adventure (Children of the Lamp, book 1) by P B Kerr

On the minus side, there’s not much action, lots of exposition, and the child heroes never become real people in the reader’s mind. According to the Baghdad rules, if someone hits a ghoul on the forehead, the djinn will instantly die. A bit scary in parts but no more than the first harry potter book that we listened to in our last car trip. Since they’re usually doing stuff in the book this isn’t really that much of a problem when reading, but they threaten to become mere vehicles for the plot rather than fully-rounded characters.

Philippa is short with wavy red hair. Return to Book Page.