Cisco RVS 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN Quick Start Guide. trademarks of CiscoSystems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the UnitedStates and certain other countries. All other trademarks . Read this data sheet to learn the benefits, specifications, and ordering information for the Cisco RVS 4-port Gigabit Security Router: VPN. The Cisco RVS Gigabit Security Router delivers secure, high-speed network Limited lifetime warranty; Support for Small Business QuickVPN software.

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Enter a name in the Tunnel Name field. Page Windows 98 and Millennium: Stand Manuap To install the router vertically in the supplied stands, follow the steps below. RVS, and then click Go.

Step-by- step instructions are provided on the next page. Page 27 Displays the amount of flash memory installed in the router.

If you already have a license, click this link. Desktop Option For desktop placement, place the Cisco RVS router horizontally on a surface so it sits on its four rubber feet.

All Cisco firmware upgrades are posted on www.

Cisco RVS4000 – Gigabit Security Router Administration Manual

If the computers can ping each other, then you know the VPN tunnel is configured correctly. Page of Go. Contact your ISP or mabual on its website to find the information. Page This level blocks most potentially malicious websites and does not create too many false positives. Page If you do NOT get a reply, try the ping command from a different computer to verify that your cisc computer is not the cause of the problem.


Does the router support any operating system other than Windows 98, Millennium,or XP? Click OK to continue.

Customers are encouraged to update their IPS signature file regularly to prevent any new types of attacks on the Internet. Enter any name you want to use for the Application Name.

This new Preshared key will be displayed. Page Page – Appendix C: Windows and XP: Page 65 Certificate Last Generated or Imported Rcs4000 displays the date and time when a certificate was last generated or imported. Enter a value from to , seconds. Read the descriptions below to help solve your problems.

Page 18 – Chapter 4: This is to allow you to identify multiple tunnels and does not have to match the name used at the mqnual end of the tunnel. In the Preshared Key field, enter a string for this key, for example, Setting Up and Configuring th Page Enter any name you want to use for the Application Name.

In her hotel room, a traveling businesswoman connects to her ISP. Page New Rules Properties h. The default csico name and STEP 3 password are admin. After clicking the button, another rvs4000 appears. In the field provided, enter: In the IPSec Setup section, select the visco encryption, authentication, and other key management settings.


Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To enable source port mirroring on a port, check the box next to that port. Page On the Security Methods tab, verify that the Negotiate security option is enabled, and uncheck the Accept unsecured communication, but always respond using IPSec box. To disable source port mirroring on a port, leave the box unchecked.

When the User name fvs4000 Password fields appear, enter the default user name and password, admin. You may now log into the Web Administrator Interface and see the results. Click this button to break a connection for the current VPN tunnel. Cisco ProtectLink Web Servic Queue 4 has the highest priority.

Point-to-Point sessions via the Internet on the Layer 2 level. L2TP Passthrough is enabled by default. ProtectLink is available for online purchase through online resellers such as Cisci.


After a rule is set up, click this button to add it to the list. Go to Page drop-down menu. Enabled Click the Enabled checkbooks to enable port range triggering for the relevant application. Port State Displays the state of the selected port.

Cisco RVS Datasheet 4 pages.