The continuum concept is an idea, coined by Jean Liedloff in her book The Continuum Concept, that human beings have an innate set of expectations that. The Continuum Concept has ratings and reviews. Shannon said: I had high expectations for this book, as it is an oft-mentioned title in Attachme. Jean Liedloff spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle living teaches psychotherapy based on the principles of The Continuum Concept.

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Every child is completely different and you are always flying by the seat of your pants. It may be time to admit we liedlloff up, close down the mines and the factories, and start over. Jul 11, Eirene rated it liked it. This book is about the happy social lives of the Yequana, a Stone Age tribe in the Venezuelan jungle, and the importance of what the author calls “the in-arms” experience. So bad it belongs in it’s own ‘so bad it’s good’ category – I laughed out loud at some bits.

The way we become parents and raise babies in our culture is historically quite strange and I think we would do ourselves all some good if we took some of the principles of this book to heart.

A definition of the continuum concept itself, examples of continuum practices, and excerpts from the book. In short, they stem from her imagination.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Continuum Concept was misunderstood, and what we can do about it.

The book itself isn’t perfectly convincing. I can totally chat with other moms while I bounce Nick in the Moby and Franklin runs with other kids. Her solution was to set the scene herself, then perform the hunt.

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Entirely changed the way I view parenting. Among a species as social as we humans are, it takes special effort to induce disobedience in our children. As she bounced back and forth between the modern world and wild freedom, she became acutely aware of the staggering differences between the two ways of life. Simply, the author happened to observe what life is like for people who are mostly untouched by centuries of western learning, living in small groups composed of a number of extended families as we all used to do until we adopted agriculture, animal husbandry, and the rest.

I’d be embarrassed to admit to the Indians that our women don’t know how to take care of their children until they read instructions written in a book by a man they’ve never met.

The Continuum Concept

It is perfect and could not have been written better. Create a routine, like mentioned in 1. It is the baby who seeks her out and shows her by his behaviour what he wants. The Continuum Concept has the basis of a groundbreaking book, however, it is poorly written, lacking in evidence, and based on one woman’s own life experience–one that seems colored with the same anger, doubt, pessimism, and depression she assumes everyone in the Western world to personally experience.

Guidance can only heighten certain abilities at the expense of others, but nothing can heighten the full spectrum of his capabilities beyond its in-built limits. Instead, they should be part of the community as avid observers, ready to learn and imitate. I first read this book seven years ago, as a new mom, and just reread it for book group. Just before we arrived, Cesar decided to clear a garden of his own, and Pepe helped with every detail, from choosing the site to felling and burning the trees.


Here is the most striking paragraph in the book: No one fussed but everyone understood.

The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost

There are lots of points like that, which can be simply overread. Oct 21, Lisa C rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Liedloff was born in New York and grew up in Manhattan. Another big problem with this book is that all of the author’s assumptions about human nature and what is natural to our species come from her unscientific experience and observation of just ejan indigenous culture.

What did Jean Liedloff discover? She seemed completely devoid of all vanity and rarely talked about herself. Just because much of the liedlofg cooperates with my child rearing belief, doesn’t mean that it’s good.

The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost by Jean Liedloff

To give either more or less assistance than he genuinely needs tends to defeat that purpose. It cannot therefore be considered an intrinsic part of the human personality. Nov 25, Akhil Jain rated it really liked it. Everywhere you hear the shouts about leaving the infant in nurseries, while cintinuum extremly damaging to him.