Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. EC Wireless Networks WIRELESS NETWORK: Unit I MEDIUM ACCESS ALTERNATIVES SESSION. EC wireless Networks VIII Semester ECE EC – Wireless Networks VIII Write short notes on collision mechanism in No persistent CSMA Protocol?. ECWIRELESS NETWORKS. is unique about voice voice oriented wireless network? write short notes on i> SMS in GSM ii>RAKE receiver.

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Give the classifications of Handoff. Explain the reference architecture of CDPD networks. What does Authentication of a subscriber ex2043 Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Wireless Networks Notes ECE 8th Semester Notes – Students key

What are the design consideration requirements for TDMA? List the logical channels provided by L2CAP.

Mention the key features of IS 95 systems. List the hybrid protocols. What is meant by capacity on-demand principle in GPRS networks?


MSC A checks if the MS has made too many handoffs recently this is to avoid, for example, numerous handoffs between BS1 and BS2 a where the MS is moving within the overlapped area or if intersystem trunks are not available. The strongest packet will be transmitted. A wireless bridge is a hardware component used to connect two or more network segments LANs or parts of a LAN which are physically and logically by protocol separated.


Access point captures from the packet terminal 1.

What do you mean by Handoff? Down load link here — Wireless Networkss Notes. The switch bridges the new path with the old path and informs the MS to transfer from the old channel to the new channel. List the services wireless system security Explain the Wi- Max layer in detail.

EC Wireless Networks Compute the maximum throughput of a pure ALOHA networking with a large number of users and transmission rate of 1 Mbps? It also supports speech transmissions between MSs, emergency calls, and digital data transmissions. So, great care is needed in packet collisions. MANET can be defined as an autonomous system of nodes or MSs also serving as routers connected by wireless links, the union of which forms a communication network modeled in the form of an arbitrary communication graph.

What are the advantages of wireless LAN? What is meant by AMPS? EC Wireless Networks 8. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Handoff depends on cell size, boundary length, signal strength, fading, reflection and refraction of signals, man-made noise. April Prepared by A. Explain the MAC protocols of wireless sensor networks in detail. What are the different types of conflict free protocols? Skip to main content. Explain three different functions that are used for operational differences for MAC layer.

ECWireless Networks-Lecture notes for unit 1-edition

Explain in detail roaming support in wireless network. Explain in detail the random access for mobile data services and wireless LAN data services. Channel assignment schemes Session 1.