ejabberd is the de facto XMPP server in the world. The fact that it is used to power the largest deployments in the world should not intimidate you. ejabberd is. This web site is dedicated to help you use and develop for ejabberd XMPP ejabberd has been in development since and is used all over the world to. Clustering relies on Erlang features and Mnesia shared schemas. Before getting started, it is best to get familiar with the Erlang environment as this guide will.

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If you see these words for the first time in your life you’re unlikely to understand the guide. That’s why, if you plan to reach huge volume, it is recommended to start asking advices from day 1 to an ejabberd expert. The external authentication script follows the erlang port driver API. To remove a node from the cluster, it just needs to be shut down. Once registered, matching IQ stanzas are handled by calling Module: Change Computer Hostname ejabberd uses the distributed Mnesia database.

This is the preferable option in most cases. This function should be called as the last function inside of Module: The function is executed when a module is being stopped. You can use these functions for de serialization of data stored on disc or in a database.

The value of Why can be used to format the failure reason into human readable description using xmpp: To manage the users, rosters, messages and general settings, we provide a command-line tool, ejabberdctl.

Where D is a string with syntax is taken from the syntax newsyslog uses in newsyslog. On the ejabberd02 node for example, rjabberd ejabberd is already started, run the following command as the ejabberd daemon user, using the ejabberdctl script:. The function always returns ok. The most notable functions of the module are: The ValidatingFun is a validating function described in the previous section and Default is the default value if the option is not defined in the config.


Welcome to ejabberd, your superpowerful messaging framework | ejabberd Docs

Luckily, there is a helper function for sub-elements decoding, described in the next section and in a lot of cases it’s more convenient to use it. There are the ejabbed disciplines: The ejabberd core is not well-defined.

Version The guide describes ejabberd ehabberd This modular architecture allows high customisability and easy access to the required features. Rotate the log files. A function associated with a hook without an accumulator is called as Module: The following functions can be used for this:.

A function gets associated with a local hook as follows the type of a guude doesn’t matter: Currently the following data is imported: Tell Erlang runtime system to start the ejabberd application. At that level “lazy” decoding is applied: To accomplish this one can use the following function:. Hook is a hook name Host is a virtual host Seq is a sequence number. If deployed on a 16 GB RAM machine with at least 4 cores, a single ejabberd node can typically handle K online users.

Where N is the maximum size of a log file in bytes. The command line parameters: While it may work across regions, it is recommended that you run an ejabberd cluster in a single Amazon region.

Clustering relies on Erlang features and Mnesia shared schemas. Commercial offering come in two type of packaging: Strophe Architecture of an ejabberd service ejabberd brings configurability, scalability and fault-tolerance to the ejabberd feature of XMPP — routing messages.


The function is used to process configuration options of Module. Besides explicit administrative commands, the most relevant such events are incoming connections. Otherwise, the new value NewAcc is passed to the next function in the associated list. The binary backup file is installed as fallback: Before getting started, it is best to get familiar with the Guire environment as this guide will heavily reference Erlang terms.

In some cases a new guid should be introduced. As a sysadmin, yes, you can use your standard backup process. This allows to execute commands interactively in the ejabberd server. To accomplish this one can use the following function: Here is an example: If there is an ejabberd server running in the system, ejabberdctl shows the ejabberdctl commands described bellow and all the ejabberd commands available in that server see List of ejabberd Commands.

It uses a global routing table. Adding a node to ejabbers cluster is done by starting a new ejabberd node within the same network, and running a command from a cluster node.

Managing an ejabberd server

The goal has always been to shot for the moon and that what made it a long-lasting success. Get help about ejabberdctl or any available command. You can place your code inside src directory if anyrecompile ejabberd and run:.

Where N is a maximum number of log messages per second. When ejabberdctl is executed without any parameter, it displays the available options.