The Java Media Framework (JMF) is an exciting and versatile API that the Java 2 platform, complete source files, and other tools essential for. Java Media Framework API (JMF). 19 January One of JMF’s important design considerations is to support standard protocols. JMF provides. Essential Jmf – Java Media Framework has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. Essential JMF: Java Media Framework helps you master the key elements of JMF developm.

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Some familiarity jav both the GUI and networking classes will help you more quickly understand the discussion and examples here, but are not prerequisites of this tutorial. Four Steps to a Custom Player.

Java Media Framework basics

The Java Media Framework. It is easy to imagine using JMF in a manner similar to that of turning on a television or adjusting the sound on a stereo. In this section, we’ll walk through the first exercise of creating a simple audio player.

Implications of Managed Controller Support. These states are as follows:. This model is familiar to us because it is very similar to the way common electronic devices are connected together – and how they have been for quite a long time. For a real application to do something useful with a Control instance besides being able to display its visual componentthe application would need to know the specific type of the Control and cast it to that type.

SyncStarting the AbstractCo ntroller. Apart from these exceptions, the core of JMF is implemented in framewokr Java.

For a list of audio and video file formats acceptable for use in JMF, see Related topics. JMF must be installed on any client machine that runs these applications. From this description, you might be thinking that the JMF component architecture sounds quite like that behind a typical stereo or VCR.


Relaxed Jmd on Clock Methods. Managing the Control Listener. Downloading The Java Plug-In. Refer to Compiling and running the MediaPlayerFrame javx instructions on how to compile and run the MediaPlayerFrame example application. The source code for these applications contains many javadoc-style comments. The functional goal of this example is to play a local audio file through a command-line interface. Realizing the Text Player. A successfully created URL object requires that the appropriate java.

An example command-line interaction for the receiver is:. Because our player is very abstract and designed to work with many different media types, we simply expose all the Control objects to the user. It includes a large number of classes to provide the following functionalities:. Integrating the MIV Player. The current version of JMF is 2. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

The examples in this tutorial assume that you have used and are already familiar with the Java programming language. Familiarity with AWT and Swing will help you follow the examples, but is not required.

In a real application, however, you should carefully consider whether you want to get rid of the Player before you close it. The output of a Processor is also represented as a DataSource object. Several DataSources audio, video and text may be combined to form a essenrial DataSource i. The Player interface exposes methods to obtain references to selected visual components.

Java Media Framework basics

After that point, the application could use the control to manipulate the media programmatically. These tasks are intimately related to the hardware, so a native approach can help to boost performance and get around security issues, because Java code is not allowed to have direct control over the hardware of the host operating system.


In addition to the import javax. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Starting Multiple Players with syncStart. One of JMF’s important design considerations is to support standard protocols.

Download Essential JMF – Java Media Framework read id:7byk67a – Skeena Rent A Car

In this section, we’ll walk through our final example application. The JMF component architecture is very flexible, and its components can generally be classified in three groups:. AbstractControls as a ControllerListener. Realizing the MIV Player.

In this section, we’ll walk through the second example application. Events, Errors, and Frramework. Compile the example application by typing javac MediaTransmitter. Framewkrk our final example, we will use a DataSink to actually do the work of broadcasting audio media over a network.

Structure of This Book. The purpose of the stream handler is to be able to handle the stream type described by the URL. Next, the application displays a window with components that let us manipulate the media. Using the ThreadQueue Class. Setting the Media Time. Timer Ticks and MixerEvents.

As part of the third exercise, we’ll modify the GUI-enabled media player to let it receive and play broadcast media.