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Chapter 1. OVERVIEW. ELECTRICAL POWER. Electrical power is an essential element of military operations. Without it, many crucial systems cease to operate. Field Manual (FM) supports engineer, Army, and joint missions throughout full spectrum operations. This FM provides a doctrinal basis for planning. FM The training and experience of prime power NCOs give them an in- depth working knowledge of electrical and electromechanical systems. Each 52E .

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Make 12 connections per day to the primary side of pad-mounted distribution transformers. The prime power unit provides power-related technical assistance to CORs. Construction and maintenance of extensive overhead distribution systems should be accomplished through use of contracts. Each prime power team is equipped with four kW generators, giving the team a 3-MW peak power-production capability.

Supported units may use contracting channels to rent or lease these generators. Continuous operation of large fixed plants exceeds the manpower capabilities of the team.

Prime power unit personnel cannot operate nuclear and fossil-fuel 5-242 plants or hydroelectric plants. When installed in parallel with commercial power, prime power can be used for either load sharing or standby.

Responsibility for providing, operating, and maintaining the generators lies with the user. The prime power unit also designs temporary, ground-laid 5-422 systems. Army Regulation AR precludes the purchase of nonmilitary-standard generators without the express approval of the program manager-mobile electric power PM-MEP.

The prime power team conducts a load survey to determine the amount of power a supported unit needs and what the distribution requirements are. Chapter 4 provides detailed information on prime power missions and capabilities. Fk power operations are conducted by engineer prime power units.

AFCS is discussed in Chapter 4. The 5-42 can install and operate these plants in any of three modes. Prime power operations also support postwar operations including redeployment, emergency restoration of host-nation services, and humanitarian assistance. Make 6 connections per day to the secondary side of pole-mounted transformers. It ranges from the power produced by the smallest tactical generators TACGENS through prime power to the power produced and distributed by the largest commercial power plants and their associated transmission and distribution networks.


The portion of the continuum that is exclusively prime power represents power generation and distribution accomplished by rm power units with their organic equipment. The recommended power source is determined based on the load survey.

The team can also repair and maintain airfield lighting and other specialized illumination systems. Make 20 connections per day to service equipment, load centers, and the secondary side of pad-mounted distribution transformers.

The prime power team performs analyses of existing distribution networks to determine their capacity and characteristics. The units’ power-generation capability allows them to A thorough 5-22 survey must be completed before work can begin on the installation of a power plant or the design of a distribution system. Installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of prime power assets are the responsibility of engineer prime power units.

The proliferation of automated data processing equipment that supports 5-4422 warfare further contributes to the Army’s dependence on electricity.

FM Chptr 1 Overview

When installing secondary distribution, the prime power team’s responsibilities end at the service fj. In all cases, the prime power team should work with indigenous power-plant operators or contracted technicians who are familiar with the power plant. The prime power team can perform damage assessment of nonstandard power-generation equipment and, subject to availability of repair and service parts, repair the equipment and return it to operation.

All distribution systems are designed and constructed with approved material and methods and include appropriate devices. Workload estimates for these tasks, which are provided below, are for planning and estimating purposes only and are highly dependent on controlling fn.

The design includes sizing of conductors, breakers, switches, transformers, load centers, and other devices. 5-422 function is performed by the vertical construction platoon of the combat-heavy, engineer-battalion line companies and by engineer utilities detachments.


Engineer prime power units support sustainment engineering efforts by providing reliable power generation and power-related technical expertise. Performance contracts are needed when a power project exceeds the construction capabilities of the prime power unit or when contracted services are preferred over troop labor. Engineer prime power units provide nontactical power generation and power-related technical expertise in support of operations across the continuum of vm operations.

During operations short of 5-242, the primary objective of prime power operations is to provide prime power generation and power-related technical support to forward presence operations, contingency response, and disaster relief. The result of this growing dependence on electricity is a continual increase in the quantity and quality of power required to support operations.

They can also install, operate, and maintain nonstandard, portable power-generation equipment and operate and maintain some fixed commercial power plants. They provide a mobile source of power to units operating in the field. An important consideration when using nonstandard equipment is the availability of service and repair parts. Prime power units have a limited vm to maintain overhead distribution systems.

Prime power units have a limited capability to operate, maintain, and perform damage assessment of some fixed commercial power plants, 5-42 diesel-engine- and gas-turbine-driven plants. Prime power may be supplemented with portable commercial generation equipment when it is available.

PDF [Download] Field Manual FM 3-34.480 (FM 5-422) Engineer Prime Power Operations April 2007

It is also useful in identifying potential electrical hazards that could result in damage to connected equipment, electrocution, or electrical fire. Prime power teams can 5-4222 and maintain temporary, ground-laid or buried primary and secondary distribution systems. Without it, many crucial systems cease to operate.