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For some time, we have been spotted by the lack of partial, short-term accreditation, and we do not know how many epithets have been attached to this accreditation. In her speech, the Minister also mentioned the importance of creating a school of directors, emphasizing that there will be a diploma for all the executives who are in the system but also for those who want to be part of the school’s direction.

It is true that UT may not have regular registers with data of the above nature, but which university can prove more, as long as their academic staffs, especially the professorship with scientific titles, have graduated, obtained doctoral or obtained titlesfor the most part, just in the UT. Why is this whole mystery?! But since then, we have been through difficult times as a nation, creating a sense of personal and professional, individual and institutional responsiveness.

They must have completed studies at bachelor or master programs at universities or high schools in the Republic of Macedonia Albania or abroad.

The candidates of the previous years State Matura,and that have proved unsuccessful in Exam D3, should resume this exam. Candidates should also undergo international testing: A carefully planned process that started with online testing in Tirana and continued throughout Albania, with strong monitoring rules and standard excretion, highlighted the needs of teachers for training.

Matura Shtetërore , udhëzimi i ri i MAS-it për ndryshimin e provimeve

KDI School for “Policies and Public Management “enables an excellent combination of acquired knowledge contemporary academic and tire application in practice within the innovation and key priorities set by national policies. Minister of Education and Sports, Lindita Nikolla, during her speech in the presentation of the report, stated 1az through this process, for the first time, is offered for each directorate and educational office, the national map of professional development needs detailed for each schoolteachers and data databases, an instrument through which you can understand the detailed training needs of managers, teachers, gender, profile, seniority at work, location, etc.


This signaling means that a maturantee can be immediately presented to the secretary to register until the end fromulari the phase. But this will only have to be done by young graduates, not those of past years. And there is not much to identify and to reflect this data. Today, students and teachers came to the school by class atwhile the school’s sanitary service was continuing to clean the premises.

Scholarships|Provimet e Matures

And the voice of the University of Tirana has witnessed at all times its power as the institution that represents and inspires free and civilized thought. Formulagi this reason, the school director in cooperation with the teachers decided to postpone the lesson one hour, they thought that the school’s environments should be aired, as there was a z1z smell of disinfectants.

Then maybe even a part of the members of the Accreditation Board some, even members of the reform commission should do the same. While the UT flrmulari has been the most powerful and clearer voice, the most stable and persistent, even for every instruction, project decision, up to draft laws or higher education reform.

At all times, the school directorate has accompanied the students and teachers who presented problems at the Health Center premises. In a country like ours, the ratio of students to the population is about 58 students per inhabitants, if we consider.

Will we ever escape from the psychosis of dictatorship for destroying the opponent?

Matura Shtetërore 2019, udhëzimi i ri i MAS-it për ndryshimin e provimeve

They have provided full partnership and expertise to accompany us in further steps, to respond to this situation and the duties that arise from this report, “said Minister Nikolla.


During this time the school premises were aired, opening windows and doors, and cleaning the premises. However, our University can not be the last in rank formularl this so-called institutional accreditation, until it has supported staff, curricula, programs and much more every HEI set up in Albania.

English, Italian, German and French. Maybe all of us should take diplomats?! State Maturanew MAS Examination Change Guide The graduates will only have an alternative exam and will have to choose between 11 alternatives rather than 8 as they were before.

Lesson began at 9 o’clock. In many cases, a1zz media, certain teachers have denounced a serious process for the education system, that of selling credits. The graduates will only have an alternative exam and will have to choose between 11 alternatives rather than 8 as they were before.

Important announcement on the first round of first round of applications to public and non-public HEIs. Still without launching the exam season for the graduates of the year we left behind, MAS published the new instruction for the mature coming, to avoid any possible misinterpretation.

Postgraduate candidates who wish to attend these studies must have the qualification of necessary for admission to KDI school. During the 48 hours of the last Phase of enrollment in the 1st round Sunday, September 10 and Monday, September 11graduates a11z a study program, if released from a winning venue, will be signaled directly by the color green and not yellow because this is the final stage.

This is also confirmed by the data of institutions and private enterprises. Uncertainty accompanies us dormulari though young people and their families testify to us every day more and more, choosing the first University of Tirana.