Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Germany’s most highly decorated combat pilot, only Hans- Ulrich Rudel pulls his Junkers JuB Stuka out of a dive after. Hans Ulrich Rudel was a Stuka dive-bomber pilot during World War 2. The most highly decorated German serviceman of the war, Rudel was one of only The year-old Silesian pastor’s son, Ulrich Rudel began his pilot training for the German Luftwaffe in Rudel volunteered for the new.

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Trotzdem [ Nevertheless ] in German. Rudel joined the Luftwaffe in and stkka flight training as an officer cadet, But, as he had difficulties in perfecting his flying skill, Rudel was transferred to a reconnaissance flight school. Hans-Ulrich Rudel was more than tough, and his determination to continue to fly and fight in the face of adversity and severe injury made him virtually unstoppable. His dealings with the Luftwaffe and even the Nazi leadership demonstrate a soldier whose only concern is to fight, not who’s in charge.

Badass of the Week: Hans-Ulrich Rudel

Hearing that his unit was in action against the Soviet defenders of Stalingrad, he discharged himself and returned to combat flying. Fellgiebel, Walther-Peer [].

Nazis on the Run: He flew 2, ground-attack missions exclusively on the Eastern Ulrjchusually flying the Junkers Ju 87 “Stuka” dive bomber. Rudel was a fanatical and outspoken Nazi, and there is no doubt that this endeared him to the Nazi leadership. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.


The Day That Stuka Pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel Sank The Soviet Battleship Marat

Rudel landed his own aircraft to try to pick up the stranded crew, but his plane became bogged down. Quotes from Stuka Pilot. Stuka Pilot is a memoir by a German dive bomber ace who served on the Eastern front. He single handedly plugged gaps in the Eastern Pilor for two years, no exaggeration.

Ideal for the weather reports enthusiast. He remained a fanatical and unrepentant supporter of the Nazis and was involved with a number of neo-Nazi groups in Germany and elsewhere. Avoid at all costs.

Rudel told the Fuhrer that, if he was not allowed to keep flying, he would not accept the award. Hans-Ulrich Rudel in Kurskā€”The Final Air Battle: On target approach the flak was so intense that the Stukas, bobbing, weaving and dodging, broke formation. Rudel was the only person ever to receive this award.

Stuka Pilot

Plot 16 months the encirclement of Leningrad was broken. He did the seemingly impossible, fly an antiquated dive bomber at low level sfuka tanks, AAA, and fighters only emerge victorious against all odds every time.

Biographical Dictionary of the Extreme Right Since I wouldn’t suggest this book unless you have nothing better to read about WWII. You may not like his politics but Hans Rudel is arguably the finest combat pilot of all time.


Spiegel Online in German. Sunk in shallow water, Marat was refloated in a few months and used as a stationary gun battery. May 12, Tom Schulte rated it really liked it.

It sometime reads like a recruiting novel and there is only a paragraph related to the atrocities committed in the concentration camps and it is dismissed with weak responses. Not many people can make this claim, considering that the Fatherland sthka a good 5 to 6 million people in the war, so it needs to be mentioned when discussing Rudel’s survivability. Calling Wehner an extremistthey described Rudel as an honorable man, who “hadn’t stolen the family silver or anything else”.

Die Zeit in German. The book is actually permeated with hate against the Russians, fanaticism towards duty, false modesty, lack of objectivity and factual errors.

As an air observer, Rudel flew on long-range reconnaissance missions over Poland.