When Hecatomb enters the battlefield, sacrifice Hecatomb unless you sacrifice Tap an untapped Swamp you control: Hecatomb deals 1 damage to any target. Contents Overview 3 Object of the Game 3 Play of the Game 3 Parts of a Card 4 Card Types, Mana Cards, and Abominations 7 Zones 8 Deck Rules and. Hecatomb is an out-of-print collectible card game created by Wizards of the Coast. The base set of cards was released on August 18, at the annual .

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Stitching minions onto an abomination prevents that abomination from attacking that turn. BoxRenton WAU.

Variant Rules | Hecatomb | BoardGameGeek

Cards count as minions, relics, and gods only while in the play zone. The cards in Hecatomb draw from a heatomb of sources from ancient myth to the stories of H.

Or play Extreme-Hecatomb-Chess, where the Queens are replaced with pieces can move as queen or knight-riders, which are a kind of pieces which are too much powerful. Its theme is that of extraterrestrial invasion. Relics usually have continual effects. Then the endbringer transfers to another world and begins recruiting true believers anew. The opposite of a continual effect is a one-time effect.


Where you put cards you want to generate mana. You can still play them whenever you can play normal fates. Lovecraftthough some are generic creations of the designers of the game. Some items are mythic, such as the Signet of Loki. Its subtype is that of its top minion.

So more less You have the ability to play it either way. You may tap the abomination to use its tap ability if the following conditions are met: Attack You can send one or more abominations to attack an enemy and try to reap souls.

Put them there untapped. Each card has a cost— the number of mana cards you need to tap to play it.

Trading Card Games For Dummies. A nice, game-slowing card. Friday, May 8th, File Timestamp: Fate, relic, and god cards each have one text box. Many cards are of the Lovecraftian “Outsiders” and Aztec myth “Aztecals” varieties.

You might consider upping the cost on this a bit, but it’s not neccessary. Since the endbringers did not create these creatures, they cannot establish spiritual links to them.

Endbringers throw spells, wield weird-science weapons, and instigate mishaps in order to give themselves and their abominations an edge. If an ability deals damage to an abomination, treat the damage like combat damage. Shuffle your deck and put it face down at the start of the game.


A race of minions native to Mesoamerica. Abilities This section covers general ability concepts. Put into the graveyard. In the end, only one unholy mastermind will stand triumphant amid the falling ashes of existence.

Hecatomb (card game)

What’s wrong with being consistent and rewording Hecatomb to say, “If Hecatomb would come into play, sacrifice four creatures instead. Rodrigo Zanotelli wrote on UTC About you Super-Hecatomb-Chess idea, you could make a hyper hecatomb one, where amazons can also be used for castling.

A minion heatomb the Regenerator ability. I would have to agree with CT on the reasons why Hecatomb has not been errata’d with the added notion that it has not been “proven” to be broken yet; i. You attack one enemy each time you attack and can attack the same enemy more than once.

You generate one mana for each tapped card.