Hexed is the second novel in Kevin Hearne’s urban fantasy series, The Iron Druid Chronicles and is the sequel to Hounded. It was released on June 7, Hexed is the second novel in The Iron Druid Chronicles, an urban fantasy series written by Kevin Hearne. In the aftermath of his defeat of Aenghus Óg (the Celtic. Kevin Hearne, a rising name in the urban fantasy genre, is the author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, a series of novels featuring Atticus.

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Atticus verbally attacks a teacher who calls out and wonders what is going on, no animosity in her voice — he is fighting a demon near the school.

Sweet, good natured, ready to pitch in to help, not quite understanding of human behavior, and, in general, big, goofy fur-balls. Still, it’s hard to find a really good urban fantasy series that doesn’t regurgitate the same old crap characters, so I’m determined to give this the Iron Druid a fair shot at winning my heart this time around. View all 4 comments. Zaten olaylar bir saniye durmuyor.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. When comparing their uses and functions in these books, it becomes clear that men, as characters, as significantly more likable, powerful and reasonable than women.

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I am clearly in the minority. In his world, an alternate history where magic, vampires, werewolves, Gods and other supernatural elements exist albeit in hiding O’Sullivan is often called upon to quell magical misunderstandings.

I love that Atticus is a hot Druid that gets help by the Earth.

Jun 10, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: Slack ill fitting clothes? As are the German witches who happen to look like porn stars. When Tempe’s witch population booms, Atticus O’Sullivan is forced to make peace with the members of the former coven and join forces with them to drive the newcomers out of town. Hexed had more action that kept your page flipping, with Atticus thinking on his feet and glimpses of more of his powers as he fights the evil German witches called the Daughters of the Third House and other enemies.


They will always try petty, pathetic things that make you happy that Atticus lays the smack-down on them. Looking forward from more of her and the steady growth of her character. A large part of this is due to a successful first novel being optioned into a series, and the author having to find a way to stretch their idea into multiple books, generally far more than a trilogy in the urban fantasy genre.

Item s unavailable for purchase. There are many, many of these female characters and they all play second fiddle to the main bad character – a man. Brighid coming by immediately after that, burning his kitchen, and then sitting through a three- or four-page scene wherein he subdued her, lectured her on why that was wrongand made her apologize.

The Demon Barker of Wheat Street. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat Number 2 in the series and not quite as good as the first one but still a very entertaining book! The book went quickly by with a nice wind-down at the end leaving you happy with the ending and wanting more! It is a shame that the novels aren’t bundled together, but that can also be expected for later.

It’s possible that this series isn’t for me. An immortal goddess, so proficient at politics, bargaining and magic is so pathetic that she would act as she did and be caught as she was? How do you live up to the expectations generated by a good first book?

What warms the cockles of my heart the most is the love he has for the land and natural life – being a druid by nature – and for Oberon, his wolfhound. Atticus’ sexual assault, the use of sex as a weapon and many, many other small instances in this book only cemented my opinion that Hearne does not have a high respect for women – or he simply knows so little of them.


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She does the whole, “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. Men and the medical profession have been painting women as hysterical, unreasonable creatures for most of history.

I just thought it was not very believable. With two Celtic goddesses vying for his affections and allegiance, as well as two covens of witches hell bent on destroying each other O’ Sullivan will need more than a magic sword and a quick wit to fend off evil.

In the aftermath of his defeat of the Celtic god of love, O’Sullivan has taken up a Druid initiate and hopes that life with his dog Oberon can return to some normalcy. I had not problem listening to this one for ieon at hexdd time. So almost right off the bat, Atticus hast to fight off a huge bug but drkid Earth helps him.

Kill the Farm Boy. As for the goddesses, well Still, I thought I was being sensitive after reading the first novel.

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She is probably the only woman who fits into this category. To make matters worse a group of Bacchants are descending on the town from Las Vegas. I can honestly call myself a new fan of this author. Oberon enlightens the whole story. All of them are seriously unstable, highly emotive and completely xruid to their own pettiness.

Hexed (novel) – Wikipedia

Jul 21, Patricia Crowther rated it liked it. The Line of Illeniel. It’s a quote from Hamlet.