H. M. Naqvi’s debut novel Home Boy was first published in the United States in September by the Crown Books division of. Praise. One of the Huffington Post’s “10 Best Books of ” “Viciously hilarious, HOME BOY bursts with intelligence and energy and pathos. Home Boy. Husain Naqvi, Author, H. M. Naqvi, Author. Crown/Shaye Areheart $23 (p) ISBN

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When Chuck finally gets out of prison, by the mercy of an American who does not believe all Pakistanis are terrorists, he decides the world is not the same as it once was and he no longer wants to be an American. Naqvi four shiny stars. There were so many stories about imprisonment, attacks, profiling on highways and in airports; the list goes on.

Feb 16, Kushal Srivastava rated it it was ok Shelves: Uninteresting characters are hyped up, the language is super pretentious read the back-cover blurb and I didn’t end up rooting for any of the characters. Now our protagonist understands that he is after all a second class citizen in USA because he is from Pakistan.

homeboh Go to party again and have sex. The plot is simple: This seems very strange, why would a writer in his 6 line bio would want to nsqvi that? I saw this nwqvi as a Three Musketeers-type adventure story. I was glad to have completed the book but was a tad blue about how the story took unimpressive turns as it unfolded itself.

They deny him a phone call and place him in solitary confinement, and this treatment forces him to reconsider his own religious and national allegiances. He wrote till six in the morning and taught in the afternoons homrboy evenings. It gets homenoy less confusing, and Naqvi’s rhythmic writing style turns melodic and bittersweet. The Hotel New Hampshire. This book is not as much of a “whoa, what is happeni I’m no expert, surely, but the reason I gave this book three stars instead of more is that there were, as we might say, technical difficulties, problematic episodes of transition, scene-setting, diction, that constantly intruded on the flow of the story–which was a very good story, and one that we should all think about.


Most importantly, a friend known as the Shaman — a “Pakistani Gatsby” — has gone missing, so these three desi amigos pile into Chuck’s taxi and head to his coastal Connecticut mansion. He also exhibits tremendous skill during periodic flashbacks to Chuck’s younger days. Given that the majority of the book is set in the city, the reader is welcomed to the home that New York becomes for Chuck and his friends.

H. M. Naqvi – Wikipedia

It’s and ours is a world riven by prejudice and fear and confusion and misdirected anger. You could spend ten years in Britain and not feel British, but after spending ten months in New York, you were a New Yorker, an original settler, and in no time you would be zipping uptown, downtown, crosstown, wherever, strutting, jaywalking, dispensing directions to tourists like a mandarin.

Things start coming together for Chuck when he unexpectedly secures a Wall Street gig and begins rolling with socialites and scenesters flanked by his pals, who routinely bring down the house at hush-hush downtown haunts. So here we are. Life is never same again.

I actually thought the first chapter of Home Boy was interesting. After a tough beginning, caused by unknown dictionary and set in a world I personally have never been neither in Pakistan, nor in New York, let alone the clubbing scene of Pakistanis in New York the book improved hugely. Naqvi, Naqvi has really positioned himself as a writer who knows how to play with words.


Never been done before. One of the reviews on the back of this book declared it to have the ‘instinct of a slam poet’. The Shaman is not home, but the friends drink his booze, watch his porn and cook penne in his house until FBI agents show up. Occasionally, flashes of clarity would reveal the links being made to previous events of the novel, but in between these flashes lies little more than confusion and the slowness present in the first part.

Yes, there a jarring wordy constructedness to the whole thing but he makes it work; it fits with the characters and post-attack new york.

The language was great.

Not only are their lives changed, but also of those who knew them or lived around them, and H. It IS extremely poignant but because the rabid xenophobia which characterises post sep 11 america homwboy exposed without resorting to the one dimensional secularised Good Muslim who one feels sorry for because he is muslim BUT a Good Muslim. It is part romp I saw this described as a Three Musketeers-type adventure story.

Home Boy by HM Naqvi – review

The feeling of something-isn’t-right really After a tough himeboy, caused by unknown dictionary and set in a world I personally have never been neither in Pakistan, nor in New York, let alone the clubbing scene of Pakistanis in New York the book improved hugely. I was a village idiot. Naqvi moved to Karachi in These grave injustices are brought to light in HM Naqvi’s flamboyant debut novel.