Honda outboard service/repair manual – Seloc | 4-stroke | 4 stroke | Table of Contents PDF file | 2 hp – hp – 4 hp – 8 hp – 40 hp – 50 hp – 75 . Clymer Honda Outboard Marine service and repair manuals are written with model specific coverage for your Honda Outboard Marine. From basic service and. View and Download Honda Outboard Motor BFA owner’s manual online. Honda Power Equipment Outboard Motor Owner’s Manual. Outboard Motor.

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LAUNCHING To raise the outboard motor out of the water while the engine is stopped and the boat is moored, or for maximum clearance when beaching or launching, use the power tilt switch on the engine pan to manuaal the Engine Oil Recommendations Clean the oil filter mounting base, and coat the rubber seal of the new oil filter with clean engine oil.

Refuel carefully to avoid spilling fuel. Do not try to remove the mud guard clip with f orce without raising the inner part of the mud guard clip. You may purchase them ownerd your Honda marine dealer.

These engines are equivalent to the U. If a fuse is blown, install a replacement fuse of the same specified rating. More Fuel Filter Inspection and Replacement. Check that the fuel hose is undamaged and properly connected. Take outboard motor to an authorized Honda marine dealer, or refer to the shop manual. Bad fuel; boat stored without treating or draining gasoline, or refueled with bad fuel. Page 3 Congratulations on your selection of a Honda outboard motor.


Fast idle lever cannot be raised unless the control lever is in the N neutral position.

Honda outboard repair manual – Table of Contents PDF file

Insert the mud guard clips with the inner part raised off, then push in the inner part securely until they click. Operation First 15 minutes: Check the water separator for water contamination. Fuel Filter Inspection And Replacement Running the engine with persistent spark knock or pinging can cause engine damage.

For manual tilting, use a screwdriver to turn the valve counterclockwise 1 or 2 turns. Fast idle lever raised side-mount type. Unlock and remove the engine cover p. Loosen the vapor separator drain screw. Damage to the power tilt system may occur. Power Tilt Switch The tilt lock lever is used to support the outboard motor in the fully-raised position.

And using this outboard motor safely is an important responsibility. Using the wrong f ilter, or a non- Honda f ilter which is not of equivalent quality, may cause Cleaner Air and Water – for healthier lifestyle and environment.

Honda Outboard Motor BF135A Owner’s Manual

Fuel hose not primed. If the engine fails lutboard start within 5 seconds, release the key and wait at least 10 seconds before operating the starter again. Don’t show me this message again. The Symbol for Cleaner Marine Engines: Stop the engine and keep heat, sparks, and flame away.


Remove the three screws and separate the fuel strainer cup from the strainer body. Thoroughly clean the water separator cup. Be sure to observe homda following when servicing the spark plugs. When the boat is to be moored for a long time, tilt the outboard motor as far as it will go.

Owner’s Manuals

The emergency stop switch clip and lanyard system is a safety device that will stop the outboarr if you fall away from the controls while operating the boat. Honda power equipment outboard motor owner’s manual 45 pages. The control lever automatically locks itself in the N neutral position. Squeeze priming bulb p. These gasolines are collectively referred to as oxygenated fuels.

Use a motor support bar to prevent the outboard motor from moving while trailering the boat.