Final Internship Report on Ptcl – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Preface. This report is all about the 6 week summer internship offered by Pakistan. Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL at Central Exchange Hyderabad. This document presents an internship report at PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunications limited). A brief history and information of the organization is also included.

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One of these companies is PTCL. A significant part on occupational health programs is the identification and control of agents within the working environment that can cause occupational diseases.

The knternship side mainly consist of. The network is already enabled for Voice, Dialup-Internet access Each core router is connected to many edge routers, which are connected to exchanges. Newer Post Older Post Home.

PTCL Internship report

Not every internee was assigned a task. The transmission medium is Fiber Optic.

Telecommunication networks are the most important infrastructure element of any business today. Siemen cable 12 fiber loose tube 4.

PTCL internshop a huge training infrastructure throughout the country that is inernship wide spread. There would be no compulsion and the employees would be free to exercise their option, the announcement said.

Dept must see that adequate instructional materials and facilities are available. In addition to this Eid Bonus has been announced for all employees on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

A node failure or cable break might isolate every node attached to the ring. The philosophy behind privatisation is that the government should focus its attention on making people-friendly and development-oriented policies while the private sector should run the business on competitive terms so as to bring the country at par with the developed nations.


It is often ignored Red: The Human Resource Department may advice the administration and the board of rectors on special issues of the company and then it offers services in order to accomplish the task.

Their skills need to be developed, their expertise need to be updated for which training and development department is at their disposal to cater their training needs. These are the results to be achieved. Gives warning when temperature exceeds a certain threshold and monitors power consumption from rectifiers. This program is intended to provide students with the opportunity to apply what they are learning in their academic pursuits to real world situations.

Intternship Contents Page No. The meeting was informed that the package also offered retention benefits to staff who would avail themselves of the separation scheme but were required to be retained by the management.

Friday, 22 August Internship Report of ptcl. The offer of employment unternship then be confirmed in writing to you.

He should be of the notion. External factors are threats and opportunities. Broadband connection is available in Pakistan for as low as Rs. PTCL Call center is also expected to start taking orders from customers for their itemized billing details.

KASHIF IQBAL THAHEEM : Internship Report of ptcl

SMW-4 is a relatively new submarine cable system inaugurated in December and links 14 countries with 16 landing stations across Europe, Middle East and Asia. SMW-3 is the longest system of the world with a total length of 39, Km. The sub- division has different units or sections headed by Engineering Supervisors ES.

OFC-I Optical Fiber An optical fiber or optical filer is a flexible, transparent fiber made of extruded glass silica or plastic, slightly thicker than a human hair.

Forecasting is the process of estimation in unknown situations. Subsequently, these internzhip would be delivered to the customers through courier within a certain time frame. It was later renamed Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone department in In past due to the efforts of CBA the management has provided many facilities to the employees.


At the end of the interview, the applicant will have the chance to ask questions. The promotional criteria by the Human Resource Department should repodt defined and be as per rules. PTCL management said the allowance and bonus packages will be given to those employees who will perform their jobs as if they do in normal routine.

Some of the methods I used are discussed below 1. This function includes recruitment, selection, and induction into the organization. With the changing trends most telecoms are diversifying their services towards Prepaid solutions.

Retrieved January,http: Bytelephone subscribers of 50 cities had been provided with NWD facility. PTCL is a largest telecommunications provider in Pakistan.

The reasons may include medical or educational purpose. Bandwidth ranging from 64Kbps to 1Gbps. With us, your infrastructure, applications and systems are maintained by certified experts with experience to make your environment meet and exceed the.

Retrieved January,from http: Meanwhile, the PTCL union leaders appeared to be largely unclear about the package. It is necessary for existence in a competitive environment. He further said, all officers mentioned in the news are on their jobs, and some of them are on waiting and may get new assignment in the due course of time. Once candidate attended the interview, the department will inform to candidate whether he or she have been successful.