Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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Besides, lists of minimum teaching aids and equipment needed by each category of schools should be prepared. Programmes should be developed to reduce the prevailing wastage and stagnation in schools and to ensure universal enrollment.

The use of standardized achievement test is strongly recommended. Webster and Gurbax Singh secretary as members. Promotion of programmes of adult education aiming not only at cpmmission of illiteracy, but also at raising the civic and vocational efficiency and general cultural level of the citizens; 2.

But as education remains the common quest of mankind, it was found profitable to draw upon the experience and thinking of educationists and scientists from other countries and to take advantage of the latest developments in the educationally advanced countries.

Pages using web citations with no URL. The objectives, as recommended by the commission were increasing productivity; promoting social and national integration; education and modernisation and developing social, moral and spiritual values. It should be an important objective of this school education system. Suitable arrangement should be made for teaching mother-tongue, Hindi and other modern Indian languages.

The Indian members were K. The crucial role of education in national development appears in all its vividness on every page of the report. In this unit, we have covered the following points: The graduate studies were recommended to be standardized as a three-year course. Working Group on School Curriculum This group had one of the major tasks of the commission which included the design and development of a standardized curriculum to be used across the country.


Education for Social and National Commissoin 1. Panandikar, Bilquis Ghufran, L. It also proposed that three or four text books to be prescribed for each subject and moral and religious education be made a part of the curriculum.

Towards making these values as integral part of school programme, some period should set apart in the time-table. Report of the Education Commission, – Vol I: Scholarships at all stages and in all sectors combined with a programme of placement and maintenance of quality institutions 3.

The institutions for research should, as far as possible, function within the fold of universities or in intimate association with them.

Therefore, the commission suggested that elasticity and dynamism in the educational system will help the institutions and teachers to proceed along different levels of development. The under graduate education was identified as XI and XII standards under the name, higher secondary or pre university.


Explain the appointment of the Education Commission of and its unique features. McDougall, Associate secretary A. The quality of 9164-66 teaching must also be improved considerably Work Experience.

Every effort should be made to link programmes realistically to technology, industrialization, and the application of science to productive processes including agriculture. The minimum scale was suggested to be in the ratio of 1: The commission recommended that the first external examination should be held at the end of class X 1964-66 the second after class XII which will be end of the higher secondary stage.

Kothari Education Commission (1964-66)

The Ministry of Education should take steps to establish, in the public sector, an autonomous organization functioning on commercial lines for the production of text books. Science and mathematics should be an integral part of general education till the end of the school stage. Strenuous efforts should be made to equalize educational opportunity. Promoting social and National Integration — National kothark social integration is the precondition for the progress and development of a country.


However, the execution of these plans expresses the inherent weakness due to which the expected success was not being achieved. Chaglathe then minister of education.

There should be encouragement of women teachers at a stages of education and teachers working in tribal areas should be given special training and allowance, assistance for the education of their children and residential accommodation.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

Where playing field and other facilities for developing a nation-wide program of physical education do not exist, these should be provided on a priority basis. The main front line commissiom were handled by nineteen task forces or working groups, each handling a specific area of activity. Sharma, Rudra Dutt Singh commissino S. Rajan Secretary as members. Discuss the place of the Education Commission of in the educational reforms in India.

Lower secondary level IX and X [8]. Games and sports should be made not only to protect the rights of minorities but to promote their educational interests as suggested in the statement issued by the conference of the Chief Ministers of States and Central ministers held in August