Dodge Charger Owners Manual [Dodge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dodge Charger Owners Manual. View and Download Dodge Charger owner’s manual online. Dodge LX48 Charger Owner Manual. Charger Automobile pdf manual download. Sign in to your Dodge owner account now to gain knowledge of your vehicle with how-to videos, tips, your owner’s manual and more, all tailored to you.

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Dodge Charger Manuals

Operation is subject to the following conditions: Oil contami- nation will severely shorten bulb life. To control the air conditioning manually, the mode selector must be moved out of the AUTO position. Skip to main content.

Page turn off the air conditioning. The transmission automatically upshifts through fifth gear. Keep dismounted tires in a cool, dry place with as little exposure to light as possible.

My Dodge: Dodge Owners Service Manuals – Dodge Cars, Minivans, SUVs

Fluid level should be checked dodye a level surface and with the engine off to prevent injury from moving parts and to insure accurate fluid level reading. Spare Tire Fastener Jack Fastener Two types of child restraints can be used rearward-facing: A mild soap solution may be used, but do not use high alcohol content or abrasive cleaners.


Sunroof Fully Closed Sunroof Fully Closed Press the switch forward and release to ensure that the sunroof is fully closed.

Page Occupant Restraints This is called Express Open.

2008 Dodge Charger – Owner’s Manual (466 pages)

It is missing the cover and several pages. Page drain from the coolant recovery bottle. Even if the transmission can be reset, we recom- mend that you visit a dealer at your earliest possible convenience.

Most of the manuals cover all models in the specific designated year.

To attach a child restraint tether strap: Rotate the cover over the anchor directly behind the seat where you are placing the child restraint. The fan is temperature controlled and can start at any time the ignition switch is chxrger the ON position. The spare tire must be removed in order to access the jack.

If you install the compact spare tire in place of a road tire that has a pressure below the low-pressure warning limit, upon the next ignition key cycle, a chime will sound and the TPM Telltale Light will turn ON.

There’s no better source of repair and diagnostic information than the factory service manual. The engine oil change indicator system is duty cycle based, which means the engine oil change interval may fluctuate dependent upon your personal driving style. Vehicles with Compact Spare 1. You can strike the interior of your vehicle or other passengers, or you can be thrown out of the vehicle.


The Owner’s Manual for Dodge Owners | Powered by Mopar

On slippery road charver, never downshift in order to obtain braking action. If this happens, pull the switch lightly to the first detent and hold to close window manually. Make sure you have a good contact on the engine ground. Leaving children in a vehicle unattended is dangerous for a number of reasons. Make sure the owner manual is available for the new owner’s reference! DaimlerChrysler does not recommend deacti This page was last updated: Page because a door is open. This switch controls the operation of the headlights, parking lights, instru- ment panel lights, instrument panel light dimming, inte- rior lights, and fog lights.

Audio Language — If Equipped Selecting this item will allow the user to choose a default audio language effective only if language supported by disc.

Set the parking brake and place the gear selector in PARK. Write your review here: Press chafger hold the INFO button again for 3 seconds to return to elapsed time display. Using leaded gasoline can impair engine performance, and damage the emission control system. See page for more information.