Brief summary of MGMA’s physician compensation survey from to , according to the MGMA’s new Physician Compensation. Direct Compensation and Productivity for Physicians. All Group Types. Section III: Summary of Starting Salaries by Specialty. New Physicians. Data extracted from MGMA Physician Compensation and Production Median Comp – Hospital Practices.

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Given the membership composition of MGMA, it is reasonable to conclude that this sample largely draws from the large employed physician group model. The reason being that phyician costs rise with an increase in volume and if WRVUs are used as a productivity measure, the more work the VS does the lower is the cost per unit of work.

Factors influencing applicant numbers among infectious diseases training programs: Conclusion In conclusion, with a changing environment and employment status of VS, tracking measures of productivity compensatiion therefore compensation and proper benchmarking become vitally important for employment negotiations. Annual surveys should be further refined and conducted by the SVS and the accuracy strengthened by compwnsation business managers of VS practices to participate in the surveys.

Pay for performance does reward disease management depending upon the exact plan. Gender differences in academic advancement: Author manuscript; available in PMC Oct 7.

In pursuit of this objective, IDSA will continue efforts to attract new talent to the specialty, promote greater awareness of compensation trends, and advocate for the value that ID specialists bring to the healthcare system. Support Center Support Center.

MGMA: Hospitalists see pay bump in 2010

As members of the IDSA Clinical Affairs Committee, the authors chose to focus the analysis on just those respondents who indicated their primary responsibility as Patient Care.


The greater the complexity and difficulty of the procedure, the greater the WRVU. This survey is the first sponsored by the Community Practice Advisory Committee of the Pjysician to collect information about practice patterns, employment status, and about productivity metrics.

The survey was hosted on a secure website and asked physocian series of quantitative questions. Received Apr 4; Accepted Apr As our healthcare system undergoes a shift from volume to value, we recognize that the ID specialty needs to adapt.

Infectious Diseases Physician Compensation: An Improved Perspective

Large groups with business managers and health systems with practice administrators have easy access to national benchmarks for work effort, productivity, and compensation by geographic region, specialty, academic rank, and type of practice. However, P4P currently only affects a minute portion of physician compensation and is still controversial due to the measures not being completely validated.

Physkcian Aff Millwood ; Materials and Methods A survey questionnaire was developed to gather information about member demographics, academic mg,a private practice, full-time FT employed versus physician-owned groups, time in practice, measures of work total relative value [RVU] and work relative value units [WRVUs]productivity criteria, and employment status.

Methods A survey questionnaire was developed to gather information about member demographics, academic versus private practice, employment status, time in practice, measures of work, and productivity criteria. Conclusions With a changing environment and employment status of VS, tracking measures of productivity and proper benchmarking become vitally important.

Work Effort, Productivity, and Compensation Trends in Members of the Society for Vascular Surgery

Comparisons between individuals and groups may however suffer due to inaccurate coding or not coding for services at all. Please review our privacy policy. Although all respondents were United States-based, they were geographically dispersed throughout the country.


Finally, although the discussion has revolved around compensation formulas with relevance to measuring revenue, they also influence how the overhead is allocated since costs not directly attributed to an individual physician are often allocated on the basis of the same measure whether it is gross, adjusted, or net collections.

Therefore, because these surveys influence perceptions of the specialty held by medical students and residents, as well physiciaan the fact that these surveys inform contract negotiations for Physicisn specialists’ services, it is important to explore the accuracy of their results.

Finally, what formula will be used for determining compensation?

Read Physician Compensation and Production Survey: 2010 Report Based on 2009 Data (Mgma Physician

Open in a separate window. Net collections was the most common measure of productivity The IDSA compensation survey clearly elucidates the variability of compensation in the ID field, ranging from the various practice affiliations within patient care to careers in research or public health.

How do race and sex affect the earnings of primary care physicians?

Open Forum Infect Dis ; 2 suppl 1: Again, due to small sample sizes, the validity of such surveys is often questioned as to whether they accurately represent compensation levels across the specialty. In a large number of groups, a combination of one of the above methods compensaion be in use that takes a middle ground.