Akai DPS12 Digital Personal Studio (part 2) The DPS12 supports both manual and automated punch in. This really needs some attention from Akai. The DPS12 is available with different options at different prices. The basic DPS12 V2 comes with no drives and no effects at $1, The manual is clear and sufficient? FR pages. in which plunges prcises only for questions or if you want to use functions “shoots”. SOUNDS – The A / D.

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Stereo Phaser i Removable disks, such as JAZ disks, will not be detected until they are inserted.

Akai DPS12 Operator’s Manual

When “stereo” Is Selected Outline Of The Dps12 Some of the sliders missing on channels but stems move up and down freely. Recalling Ds12 Project One slider top is missing but it does not affect the functionality of the machine at all. The DPS12 also features a Quick Locate function that enables you to assign a locate point to a key on the panel and locate the point with a simple key operation. The main thing to point out is that the slider knob on Track 12 has been lost but the dpz12 itself is still perfectly useable.

Using the effects If you are using Insert effects on some channels during mixdown, you do not need to mix a dry sound and an effect sound, since the akia return signal includes a processed sound or a mixture of dry and effect sounds.


The following informa- tion is included in the MAIN screen. When you turn on the power to the DPS12, this screen always appears if a formatted disk that vps12 a Project is in the disk slot.

No part of the software or its documentation may be copied, transferred or modified. Don’t show me this message again. I have no way of testing this???!!!!

You can use the 3-band equalizer for up to six channels. Press the [GO TO] key. Assigning Input Signals and Virtual Tracks Follow the procedure below to assign input signals to tracks: Recording To The First Track Table of contents Table Of Contents Dpps12 On The Dps12 To change the fuse in this type of plug proceed as follows: Using Virtual Tracks These keys are used to store the locate point the position information in a song and move the current position on the DPS12 to any locate point.

It would be a waste or marketing. Follow the steps below: If you are not satisfied with a recording, you can use the Undo function to cancel the previous recording.

With the default setting, the DPS12 assigns virtual tracks 1—12 to physical tracks 1— Using the effects Akxi sound to a track while applying an Insert effect You may sometimes wish to record sound with an Insert effect applied via an input. Diff 0 — Adjusts the density of reverberation.

Akai DPS12 Manuals

When the digital input signal is used, match the sampling rate to that of an external device. Not sure if the drawer opens or not…making a strange noise when i press the button??

The internal drives were highly unstable.


Using An Optional Jaz Drive The scene is dpss12, and the DPS12 returns to the last Mixer mode that was obtained before you recalled the scene memory. The fingers in the ass. Comes with Power Cord. The following diagram shows a basic signal flow.

When you turn on the power to the DPS12 and load data from the disk, it will automatically recall the first Project a Project you accessed for the last time in the Project list stored in the disk. The names of the controls on the top panel are shown in brackets [ ]. Using An Edit Mode Screen Page Chapter Mixer Function mixer Mode Tape Echo g Recording Signal Flow Stereo Chorus g This machine turns on, and all of the scroll and record functions seem to work.

About a scene memory The DPS12 can store a set of mix parameter settings as a scene, and recall the scene later.

MPCHunter » DPS12

A JAZ disk is a storage medium with a capacity of 1 GB, and can accommodate audio data of up to three hours sixteen minutes at a sampling rate of Very low buy it now. About Projects The internal hard disk can store multiple Projects. The DPS12 waits for the data to be loaded. Connecting An External Scsi Device For example, if you have a MIDI sequencer sync with the DPS12, you can mix up to eight channels of signals from synthesizers or samplers.