AMCC datasheet, AMCC pdf, AMCC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Advanced Micro Devices, High-Performance, 80CCompatible Bit. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AmCC. Part, AmCC. Category, Microcontrollers => 16 bit => E86™ Family. Description. Company, Advanced. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part lifecycle.

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Page 57 Table This provides the lowest overa ll power consumpti on. Commercial and industrial temperature ratings are available Page 62 Table Page 53 Table 9. A customer development platform board is. An external bus driver would need to be active for both AmCC time slots.

Page 71 Parameter No. The AmCC microcontroller will also find a home in general embedded applications, because many de- vices will incorporate communications capability in the future. Page 52 Table 9.

Page 59 Table The controller responds by deasserting HLDA. Partners offer boards, schematics, drivers, protocol.

In ONCE mode, all pins are three- stated and remain in that state until a subsequent reset occurs. Page 68 Parameter No. N NMI signal operating ranges, 45 ordering information package PQFP physical dimensions, B-1 PCM pulse-code modulation highway signal descriptions, 25 timing timing master76 timing timing slave74 waveforms timing master76 waveforms timing slave Page 88 Table For a list of all the pinstraps, refer All other trademarks are the property of their respective dayasheet.


B Serial Data is used to transmit and receive data between the AmCC controller and a slave device on the synchronous serial interface. Multiplexed a,186cc trade-offs—Table 28 page A C-3 hotline and web, C-2 literature ordering, C-3 ordering am186xc AmCC controller, 2 third-party development support products, C-2 web home page, C characteristics over commercial and industrial am18cc ranges, 46 USB, 46 DCE data communications equipment Page 90 PIO No.

Page 56 Table Page 99 Table An internal reset is initiated by the watchdog timer. Required analog transceivers are integrated into the AmCC controller.

AmCC/CH/CU datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Elcodis is a trademark of Elcodis Company Am186dc. AD15—AD0 signals, 14 address and data bus, 14, 17 address bus address bus disable in effect, 36 default operation, 35 description, 14, 17 ALE signal, 14 AmCC controller architectural overview, 28 block diagram characteristics over commercial and industrial operating ranges, 46 detailed description, 28 distinctive characteristics, 1 general description, A-5 pin and signal tables, 9 pin assignments sorted by signal name, 11 signal descriptions, 14 signals related to reset, 67 SmartDMA channels, 31 am186ccc halt cycle timing, 64 software halt cycle waveforms, 64 SRDY Otherwise, the controller operates normally.


Page 20 Table 4. Serial Clock provides the clock for the synchronous serial interface to allow synchronous transfers between the AmCC controller and a slave device.

Page Table Figure block diagram of the AmCC microcontroller, followed by sections providing an overview of the features of the AmCC microcontroller. daasheet


Page 55 Table Page 10 Table 1. Several different tables are included with the following characteristics: All string instruction references that use the DI register as an index USB peripheral functions in a device that also contains separate USB hub circuitry. Page 54 Table Write Cycle Timing Parameter No. Page 50 Table 9. Page 58 Switching Characteristics over Commercial and Industrial Operating Ranges In this section the following timings and timing waveforms are shown: The signals must be held in the desired state for 4.

When Low, this pin enables the transceiver output; when High, this pin enables the receiver.