ISTITUTO DI PSICOSINTESI. fondato da Roberto Assagioli Contact · Psychosynthesis in the World: network problems and prospectives (R. Assagioli – )). Permessi ulteriori: pagina Info © Istituto di Psicosintesi. Tutti i diritti riservati. Contents licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. More permissions. [NOTE: The following description of the life and work of Dr. Roberto Assagioli was Assagioli by Piero Ferrucci et al Centro di Studi di Psicosintesi.

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To apply for the Meeting applications will be accepted in order of arrival, and subject to receipt of payment: Wait for our e-mail confirmation with instructions for payment. Almost sixty years needed to elapse, so far was he ahead of his time. Archived from the original on New Zealanders Helen Palmer and Peter Hubbard, trained and subsequently teaching at the London Institute of Psychosynthesis, returned to establish the Institute of Assabioli New Zealand in “to help realise the magnificent potential of humanity by encouraging individuals, in whatever socio-economic and cultural context they live, to have the courage to make what they choose of their lives, in accordance with life-enhancing values.

In the new website www. Many links were created between centers of psychosynthesis in different countries and continents and we feel that the time has come to taste the fruits from the first crop harvested after the germination of the seeds that were sown, and to reflect assagioli the paths of the goals along the evolution of Humanity. The International Meeting takes place each year at Casa Assagioli, the energetic center where Assagioli lived and worked and home of the Istituto di Psicosintesi, the Assagioli Archives and the Psychosynthesis Library.

Below is a list of suggested hotels close to the assagiolk. It was at this age he also began to travel, mainly to Russiawhere psicosinfesi learned about social systems and politics. The following description of the life and work of Dr.


By World we inclusively mean a complex living entity, which includes humanity as a whole, nature and the Earth and their interaction and interplay. Assagioli said, “Psychosynthesis presupposes psychoanalysis, or rather, includes it as a first and necessary stage. A session of the Congress will be dedicated to the innovations made by psychosynthesis friends to the map of the egg and the position of the Transpersonal Self.

Incontro a Casa Assagioli a Firenze

In Assagioli, the young medical student, introduced the important discoveries of Sigmund Freud to his professors at Florence. The paper, presented during the International Conference, will be published in the October issue of the Journal of Psychosynthesis of the Institute.

Assagioli lived a long assagiooi prosperous life and had a happy forty year marriage until he died at age 86 on 23 August He was never alone, of course. Assagioli was exposed to many creative outlets at a young age, such as art and music, which were believed to have inspired his work in Psychosynthesis.

Third International Meeting at Casa Assagioli

This year, in occasion of the International Conference of Psychosynthesis Taormina, Junethe annual International Meeting at Casa Assagioli will be held as a post-conference on June The years after the war were relatively calm, and it was during assagiloi time that he founded various foundations dedicated to Psychosynthesis in Europe and North America. How can our inner and outer work affect the World? Our concern is the synthesis of all areas of the personality. He continued his work on Psychosynthesis right up until his death.

Maybe it’s not by chance that the same word “neelam” in Sanskrit means “precious stone”. What does the World really mean to us in our concrete fields assagiolj action psicosinttesi expression? Who was there to hear such a large and balanced statement? We shall take a look at the Future of psychosynthesis. Participants will be able to: It feels as if the ;sicosintesi is right to acquire more awareness of being part of a greater energetic movement initiated by Roberto Assagioli, to feel that as Psychosynthesis practitioners or friends we belong to only one individuality which expresses the intuition of Roberto Assagioli in many different ways, but the Oneness lies in its essence.



We believe that it is important to discuss this point together and that the air and atmosphere in Taormina will remind us of our love for the culture of dialogue, so dear to the Greeks and to Magna Grecia and that we will be sustained and nourished.

There is a fundamental difference between drives, impulses, desires, and the will. The date was chosen during the recent International Conference of Psychosynthesis that took place in Taormina. This is a unique opportunity to connect with the roots of Psychosynthesis, study materials available only during the visit and co-build pwicosintesi future of the field:.

It was as if he were called to nurture, in a relative quietness, the outline of a theoretical and practical view of the human being that men and women of the seventies and beyond could use. We intend to continue with the interesting experience of the Co-creative Groups, introducing a new sector on “The Advancement of Things New”, and we propose a series of topics along which to develop relations and Group work.

Be that as it may, the achievement of the man, both public and personal, recalls our attention and deserves to be remembered. Of his personal goodness, his patient understanding of co-workers, students, and clients, his brilliant and seasoned wisdom, his compassion and selfless giving of himself in service to others — much could be said.

Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software. It was as if he sensed that nothing important would be taken away, as if, in the joy he achieved, there was some personal knowledge of immortality. Connecting, questioning, envisioning, planning, sharing will psicosijtesi the keywords of our work.