Audre Lorde’s courageous account of her breast cancer defies how women are expected to deal with sickness, accepting pain and a. Moving between journal entry, memoir, and exposition, Audre Lorde fuses the personal and political as she reflects on her experience coping with breast cancer. Bringing revolutionary queer women, women of color, and underrepresented voices to the forefront of literature since

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The Cancer Journals by Audre Lorde.

The Cancer Journals by Audre Lorde

lorve This book will grow you and teach you and hold you and when you get to I read this book during a friends battle with cancer, he would read passages to me and say that Lorde would tell me everything he couldn’t find the vocabulary to articulate. Account Options Sign in. Oct 16, Dayna Smith rated it liked it Shelves: She was known journls describe herself as African-American, black, dyke, feminist, poet, mother, etc.

Her courageous account of her struggle with breast cancer and the mastectomy that she underwent is movingly chronicled in “The Cancer Journals”her first major prose publication.

Audre writes in a parenthetical, ” I have a permanent and inexplicable weakness for women with flowers in their hair. Although many of Lorde’s poems are about love, many are about anger, particularly anger about racism, sexism, and homophobia in America. Prosthesis’, Tne describes her coming to terms with the results of and life after her mastectomy. Her first poem was published in Seventeen magazine while she was in high school; it had been rejected by her high school newspaper because it was “too romantic” Lorde considered her “mature” poetry, which focuses on her lesbian relationships, to be romantic also.


Mar 18, Madison rated it really liked it. The Cancer Journals consists of an introduction and three chapters, each featuring passages from her diary. I emerged as neither a contradiction nor an oxymoron, but a vanguard, a model, for others less brave.

If you cannot look into my eyes and see the woman I am, then having two breasts will not help you get to know me if it is your choice to do so. Every time I get close to the Mississippi now, more often in memory than not, I long for whatever it is that, from deep within her, pulls deep within me. Hell, for most of my life I’ve lived within 70 miles of that river.

Embracing her one-breasted self, Lorde refuses to render invisible her difference and the experience of pain that is somehow embarrassing to others. She was the youngest member of the family, and was nearsighted to the point of being deemed legally blind [1]. Lorde’s Cancer Journals are at once profound, powerful, and wrought with despair.

The Cancer Journals record a new way for women to face ill-health

She does do it, and her book radiates with rebellion, even four decades later. Highly recommended reading for every woman, every woman of color, and especially those suffering with illness and disability.

Lorde entwines her intelligent critique of the American medical establishment with beautiful prose about strength and self-realization. What happened to you yesterday? Quotes from The Cancer Journals. Feminism Women Cancer Health blogposts. I remember hearing of Audre’s death sixteen years ago. Audre Lorde’s upbringing and background plays a key role in understanding her perspectives and passion about feminist, civil rights, and lesbian issues. This is gorgeous, unsurprisingly.


They are inseparable from each other. Then as cancef, it is other women who are selected to deliver the news regarding the requirements of conformity and compromise. Who can ever really have power over me again?

The Cancer Journals

Growing up in Depression Era New York City, Lorde struggled to find her voice and turned to poetry and writing to express herself [1]. Your silence will not protect you. Aug 16, Sydney rated it it was amazing. Currently re-reading this because I needed a little more undauntable audre in my life right now.

Porde why I was introduced to the work of Audre Lorde by a professor friend at Pitt who teaches several courses on her work. In describing her identity as a multitude of labels, black, lesbian, feminist mother and poet [4]Lorde seeks to intertwine her battle with cancer into her identity.

The message is clear: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.