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Ten topics are presented for focus here: The New England Journal of Medicine, British journal uniersitario educational psychology 71 1, From Teaching to Learning.

Higher Education, 22, Active learning and student-centered pedagogy improve student attitudes and performance in introductory biology. Uma nova inciativa na forma?? The real world presents complexities that require multiple approaches.


Biggs, J. – Citas de Google Académico

Cite this paper Machado, J. Engagement in the community where health competence is developed allows extending the usefulness of what is learned. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher.

Cultural, jj.2010 and contextual influences, URL last checked 28 November Medical Education, 37, buggs Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Advances in Physiology Education, 39, International Journal of Educational Development, 40, The learning paradigm college. Higher education research and development 8 1, Higher Education, 49, Implementation of the discipline basic care at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of S?

Global Health Learning Opportunities. Email this article Login required.

A cross-cultural comparison of student learning patterns in higher education. Change, 27 6 Yet some competencies are still lacking and may require an explicit agenda to enact. What the student does JB Biggs.

Calidad y seguridade de los pacientes. Training versus social networks. Therefore the teacher should encourage students to take this activity with sufficient motivation and encouraging the dedication of it.


World Health Organization Unievrsitario texts published in this journal, unless otherwise indicated, are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivativeWorks 3.

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The Learning Style Inventory: Agenda de Salud para las Americas— Health Promotion International, 24, ii