Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir [Paul Monette] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This tender and lyrical memoir (New York Times Book. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. “Wrenching in its detail, this account of the author’s Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir by [Monette, Paul]. ( National Book Award for Nonfiction); Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir ( ). Paul Landry Monette (October 16, – February 10, ) was an American author, poet.

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We still fight ‘wars’ about stigma, discrimination and human rights as so many Governments criminalise HIV transmission and criminalise homosexuality.

Fiercely sorrowful, unsparingly angry. Nov 26, Scott rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Maybe you had to be old enough to have lived through the 80s and the early years of the epidemic to fully appreciate how frightening those years were. This is not a book about death but a book about living while dying and the full range of emotions provoked by that transition — sorrow, nonette, anger, among them.

It’s a very good picture of the AIDS realities during the 80’s, the marginalization of the gay population, and the real horror that was so present at this time. I loved it and found it touching and it was enlightening in that it really gives an accurate and detailed portrayal of a gay relationship, the begining of the AIDS crisis and what it was like then to try and survive the disease. It’s a bit much for me but the writing was so obviously good. The pain of apul from a disease which was not understood much back in the 80sstruggling with losing your passionate life and the man you love so much to that same dis 5 heartbreakingly beautiful Poignant Stars.

There is a renewal of interest in what is now called “The Early Years” of AIDS and the death of a generation of innocent victims — victims of the disease, of apathy, of political apathy and murder. His writing was lush and beautiful and eloquent. The writing in Borrowed Time is spectacularly gorgeous. Living with AIDS feels akin to living on the moon, Paul writes, and that metaphor — along with the symbolism borrowsd light and dark — shows up frequently in Borrowed Time.


That he was able to focus so much energy on chronicling the events of Roger’s death in this memoir, was a mircle – and indeed this book is a miraclous gift. But it is still one of the best political memoirs I’ve ever read, for its sheer determination and clarity of vision.

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir

And yes, okay, Monette’s celebrity connections are kinda fun, irrelevant as they are: Go read this book. University of Wisconsin Press. This book was worth every heart-breaking sentence. It is one of the most horrific scourges our species has faced.

Paul Monette

Now we know that stride could have been made in ’82 or ’83 if the government hadn’t been playing ostrich. Archived from the original on July 14, Jun 18, Skip rated it it was amazing. He was educated at prestigious schools in New England: Monette’s partner and best friend, Roger Horwitz, had to suffer a most undignified end, but in this superbly crafted, loving eulogy, his memory is exalted and imbued with utmost dignity.

He does not spare himself; his human frailty is on full view here, but he shows how his love for his friend redeems him, and makes it possible for him to rise above their difficulties. Paul Landry Monette October 16, — February 10, was an American author, poet, and activist best known for his essays about gay relationships.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender events,p. It makes me appreciate my life and all that is still possible in it. I revel in the awareness it’s given me. The first personal documentary about AIDS to be published, “Borrowed Time” remains as vividly detailed as the best novel and as lucidly observed as the fiercest journalism. It’s about a tough subject matter, and it’s also now a book that is of a somewhat historical nature.

As one would expect, it was loaded with sadness, but there were so many instances of light moments and memories that balanced the emotional tone of the work. In fact, that may have been — at the core — its most central message. What can I say about this book. It provides at once an unsparing account of the nightmare of the closet and a moving and often humorous depiction of the struggle to come out. I teared up and cried numerous times.


And Paul Monette’s skill to express this eloquent; there’s no other way to Borrowed Time begins with Paul Monette and his partner, Roger, reading about the impending AIDS crisis, and ends a few years later with the death of Roger. There is gratitude, gratitude that Roger and Paul were able to find love and create family with each other, gratitude that they had the love of their families and friends, gratitude that these two beautiful men were able to live their lives to the fullest despite the fact that Aids cut both of them down in such an untimely way.

My office was heavily involved wit Not a book for the faint of heart. So pwul is my small response to this beautiful and yet challenging testimony. It is a privilege to read his words. But the predominant emotion is one of dread. The magnitude of loss, and the sheer confusion and lack of knowledge, is terrifying.

I can only thank him for doing so.

To say borrlwed was a good book almost seems inappropriate, because to judge it as a literary piece given the fact that it tells a true and devastating sorry just seems…. InMonette founded the Monette-Horwitz Trust, which honors individuals and organizations working to combat homophobia.

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These novels were enormously successful and established his career as a writer of popular fiction. Paul Monette was obviously a gifted poet, narrator and archivist.