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The second step was to verify that those 7V AC was there with out voltage droop from 50HZ up to 20 kHz at the standard AC mode in all three multimeter’s.

Digital MultimeterClamp on meterOscilloscopeElectronic component testing tools. It was not made by the philosophy found on the very inexpensive multimeter’s, like be an extra rubberised cover. And so the BM it is: Carton box — packaging The carton box is nicely printed, the logo of the company and the specifications are all over it.

By the book, the minimum operational temperature is 0C, and so I came close enough. Part — 3 Exploring the basic features. Part — 11 Build to last Even 30 years back the multimeter’s industry was capable to create well made multimeter’s, and some of them are still in use even today.

For this, the frequency and fundamental voltage are displayed simultaneously on the screen. And how well it does that?

BM869 Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segm.60x/s 5x/s Bm869s Brymen

The above comparison of those three meters acts as one example which shown that the UA is able to offer more in the Duty cycle measurement, if this is what you really need, in the cost of a been a bit less responsive. The range switch, well honestly even if it works well enough, I am a bit disappointed from it. The duration of my tests at those frequencies was limited to 10 to 20 seconds max.

Probably one high quality soft case is all that it needs as extra, so to survive in outdoor use.

It is a bryken that even today, according to: The second but smaller annoyance could be the fact that there is no on-screen numeric indication about the voltage range, usually found at the end of the bar graph.


The LCD updating speed it was a pleasure to watch, both of them was ramp up and down as to was twin brothers. Back light durability The back light is bonded with the 16 seconds timer, and this makes impossible any durability testing equal to what I did with the UA.

Tools for truly experienced and productive human brains. LCD Display The LCD display it is bright enough and easy to read from a distance, and even haves my favourite fonts style, I do dislike the rounded bulky fonts. I did enjoyed making this test or crash test, all my excitement jumps out from the unexpected results. Apart from any use as permitted under Hellenic Copyright law, all other rights are reserved. The company describes this fact as: I am getting in those details so to point out the fact that the mb869 between all those three meters is not like comparing apples to apples.

It must be removed so to operate the multimeter. Magnetic hanger I did not receive any, probably not available as accessory yet.

From my experiences as maintenance industrial electrician, every in depth troubleshooting of light weight equipment up to kilos, it is executed at the maintenance electrical repairs lab in the factory. Within a very short time frame, Crest can measure and display the Min-Max values automatically. It is just impossible to make a wrong measurement due an half empty battery with the BM The meter can also perform dual channel measurements.

Thank you for your hard work over-driving the meters to show their true value and design limits. I will test and review this battery soon, and I will retest the BM about the Data logging duration with them. Bar-graph Well made and the fastest ever seen up to date, even bryme fastest fluctuation was visible, and possibly brymdn could turn in to great assistance when you search even for ripple noise it does looks that sensitive.

JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. The lowest Ohms range is the Ohms and the highest the 50M Ohms.


Brymen BM869s Multimeter

Support for Dual K-type thermocouple. Part — 10 Testing under extreme temperatures. On the battery cover, even if this multimeter does not have waterproof specifications, there is an o-ring that it would stop any liquid from getting in it, especially when it is out of the holster. My list at that time ended to have a small size but it was including companies with an optimistic point of view and faith about their products.

But I like to have one when it will be available. The test was made by having the capacitors all ready discharged.

BM Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segmx/s 5x/s Bms Brymen | eBay

Even today as consumer of electronic products, I do have a very bad taste in my mouth about the most offerings which are coming from mainland China, and I am talking about low performing and outdated models, with non vrymen spare parts and technical support. This made me to play with my DC power supply for long time, by trying to find with a major difficulty a voltage setting that the final count will be different. When the 9V battery reaches the lowest acceptable limit that is 5V at 20mA load, the BM it will reject the battery, and it will lock up displaying InErr on the main LCD, and it will keep beeping all the time.

BM and completely discharged battery When the 9V battery reaches the lowest acceptable limit that is 5V at 20mA load, the BM it will reject the battery, and it will lock up displaying InErr on the main LCD, and it will keep beeping all the time.

The on-paper specifications about the BM bn869 very good, the most attractive features are the large display and the extra counts naturally. Now that I am brymenn this words we are in the hart of Decemberand I did performed this time a low temperature test.

At my own test about Auto-range tolerance in the 50K Ohms range, the meter displayed 53K as max.