free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Lexmark CN Printer User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Following pdf manuals are available: Lexmark CN Installation Instruction, Reference Guide, User Manual. Service Manual. xx, 4xx. Go Back. Previous. Next. Assembly 1: Covers . 4. 3. 1. 6. 5. 8. 7. 2. 9 www MK-Electronic de.

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Electronics xx, 4xx Assembly 3: Insert the bottom edge inside the frame, and then push down on the top edge to clear the top cover. Option does not operate correctly or quits after it is installed. Check for a dislodged tray present sensor. Moving the printer to another location.

Lexmark C540N User Manuals

Paper and specialty media guide. Page xx, 4xx Remove the two top screws E near the front.

Position the printer with the left side hanging over the edge of the table. Notices And Safety Information xx, c504n Notices and safety information The laser notice label may be affixed to this printer.

Replace one c540 the following components, and perform a POR before replacing a second component. Remove the toner cartridges, the waste toner bottle, and the imaging unit IU. However, no blanket statement can be made that all recycled paper will feed well.


Page of Go. Align the duplex reference guide so the tabs A are inserted into the slots, and the top mamual the reference guide fits under the door ribs B. Print Tests xx, 4xx Print Tests Input source tests The purpose of the diagnostic Print Tests is to verify that the printer can print on media from each of the installed input options. Disconnect the cables from the controller board.

On the second page of the latest Quick Test you printed, proceed to C540nn 2; adjust the left, right, and bow settings. Swing the rear part away from the printer to access the spring Gand remove the spring G from the right lower frame. Options And Miscellaneous xx, 4xx Assembly 6: Wait for the message to clear.

Canceling a print job from the printer control panel. Open the front cover.

Lexmark C540N Printer User Manual

Use of lubricants other than those specified can cause premature failure. When you turn the printer on, it performs a Power-On Self Test. Replacing a toner cartridge. Loading the optional sheet duo drawer.


Install the two springs. Print a document that requires all four colors Replace the developer unit Go to step 3. Remove the rubber pad C. Waiting, too many events.

From the printer Quality menu, nine types of Color Samples sets are available. Remove the two screws A from the cable cover.


Inspect the imaging unit for damage, including the developers and toner cartridges. Page 6 xx, 4xx Updating printer firmware If a third tray is needed, the third one needs to be an optional sheet drawer. Configuration Id xx, 4xx Configuration ID The two configuration IDs are used to communicate information about certain areas of the printer that cannot be determined using hardware 5c40n.

Press down on the spring mount, and carefully slide the HVPS out.

Page xx, 4xx My color transparencies seem dark when they are projected. On the right side, loosen the screw E with a screwdriver, and hold the ACM in place as you use your fingers to remove the screw.

Page xx, 4xx Remove the three screws B. Hold the fuser cover down, and then remove the jammed paper. The toner density sensors are the same, but the left sensor has a thermistor attached which needs to be removed when you install a new TDS on the left side.

This manual also for: Enter the factory v540n alignment number. Fuse Page – Step 6: