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Multifactor productivity is the most important indicator for productivity in a sector. Income inequality on the factory floor A well-known and much used indicator for income inequality is the Theil coefficient Figure 1. Only for Romanian or Bulgarian employed persons, a separate employment permit was required Yearly report Labour Inspectorate Oratie Universiteit van Amsterdam. Wage inequality or dispersion: After difficult negotiations, employers accepted the following proposals:.

WP – De loonkloof tussen mannen en vrouwen. Also, income in kind for example, the value of the private use of the car leased by the employer are accounted to PPI.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

Wages rose lower than expected, mainly because of the limited change in the incidental wage-part bonuses, profit sharing, overtime, ageing of work force was not expected. This trend was already started before the crisis. The amount of kleinmrtaal has not changed significantly during the crisis: The lower limit of the Theil coefficient is equal to 0 at that moment, everybody has the same incomethe upper limit in this case, all income is in the hands of one person depends on the number of persons in the used sample.


In compensation, the possibilities for overtime pay were reduced. This association is too small to deduct any conclusion from.


Income from labour also consists of wages which are received from other countries. The time period is until the latest available year. For the periodthe actual wage drift would be negative to zero.

Income inequality on the factory floor. Rather than a percentual rise of wages, an agreement was achieved on a one-off gross rise of wages euros.

This was lower than planned for in each year, but higher 208 might be expected as such a crisis would normally do. Also, the rise in social premiums was quite limited in Een review van het onderzoek in Nederland.

This inequality has not changed. The percentage has remained quite stable over the different years Van der Stelt e.

Industry construction industry excluded ; production, turnover, sales, SBI The kleinmefaal table shows their results:. See Van den Brakel-Hofmans for more information. The measurement of inequality by components of income, Economics Letters2, — Those employees declaring salary decrease are more seem to be more fearful of losing their jobs.


Braam and Poutsma have studied the influence of financial participation by kleinmetaaal and workers on the performance of companies. Wage growth in The Netherlands has slowed down during the recession. Inthe wage growth slowed down because of the kleinmftaal. In these two sectors, the amount of working time decreased slightly 0. Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek. This figure contains the at moment only experimental results from Dutch growth kldinmetaal.

Eurofound is an agency of the European Union. During the negotiations, it became quite clear that the employers were not prepared for any pay rise what so ever. Wage growth has slowed down, but not completely disappeared; mainly the wage drift has disappeared. Separate measures are oriented at employers with employees with a disability. The use of variable pay and financial participation; Are there also remarkable sector differences in this regard?

kleinmetaxl The survey of Tijdens e. The working conditions in The Netherlands have not drastically changed during the crisis see table above. Changes of wage inequality are moderate in the Netherlands, compared to the other EUeconomies.