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CCHpdf. Uploaded by Pedro Figueroa Martínez. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. CCH (Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP Machines) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP. CCH 70–2, CCH 70–3. DIN part 1, part 2. EN , EN , EN EN , EN EN , EN , EN EN , (ISO.

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The surfaces should bewithout ondulations which could hinder the contact between the probe and the part. Nevertheless, it shouldbe noted that the appearance ofan indication On a test piece is not a sufficient elementto judge the state of magnetization of the examined piece. Indeed, the quality level required involves adefinite manufacturing routine and Special precautions to be xch by the Founder, the Manufacturer or the Designer.

This method is generally limited to the inspection of finished Castings. Table 2 gives the characteristic values: While maintainingthe magnetization, the excess ofpowder should be blown off carefully so as to leave only the indications created by the discontinuities.

The verified characteristics are: The extent of defect is expressed ccch a percentage ofthe reference amplitude. This examination isnot applicable to austenitic steels and must bethe subject of an agreement between the contractual parties in so far as the inspection procedures are concerned, when it is used on Duplex austenoferritic steels. Cumulation of 2 neighbouring indications 1. We need your help! Ccj demarcate the defect, the probe is shifted in all directions over the probed surface.

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If dch measures have not been taken, the repartition of costs should be fixed by a mutual agreement betweenthe Founder, fch Manufacturer and the Designer prior to the commencement of work. Email required Address never made public. For the ultrasonic inspection of the Cast steel parts of austenitic or austenoferritic Duplex steels, Special measures must be specified by the parties involved. This demarcation requires theprior marking of thedefects upon their detection.


CCH June The second edition took into account the accumulated experiences during the first cchh of use.

If magnetic particle inspection with liquid ink is intended, it isrecommended to perform liquid penetrant inspection first. Thank you for interesting in our services. It is related to direct current and is convenientfor parts of simple configuration.

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Beyond this xchclass 3 in PT or class 2 in MT is applicable. The converging area of these probes with separate transmitter and receivermust be adapted to the inspection to be performed. QL followed by a number: These devices and their instrumentation, if any, must be verified periodically using modalities defined by the User.

It allows a deeperdetection depending ofthe dimensions of the discontinuities.

It is therefore applicable for all items having at least one element inCast steel and constituing one Part of a hydraulic machine. Deutsch, Englisch and France. It applies to the pulse echo ultrasonictesting with longitudinal waves normal longitudinal wave probe.

The indications to be investigated are: The outline of the defect is defined by the Positions ofthe centre of theprobe corresponding to an amplitude of the echo equal to half of the maximum amplitude of the echo of the defect being inspected the -6 dB method. Thirty from that event will make it through to the World Championships ccu South Africa a month later.


For Spot check inspections the following regulation will be applied: Please help us to share our service with your friends. No repair will be effected without the agreement of the party considered responsible and only repairs which meet the instructions of this party will be carried out.


The Quality sheets should be part of: Then the part will be immediately dried with a dry, clean and lint free rag. This is the fourth time the race has been held. SL the probe is shifted along lines defined for each case.

These blocks are made of Cast steel and presentthe acoustic characteristics which are similar to the material to be inspected. This requirement is generally metwith a tangentialfield of N m 25 Oe for unalloyed steels, Average value of rectified current 1 alternation, effective value of alternating current ;for allyoyed steels, higher fileds values may be necessary.

Length of the longest indication.

The products generally available on the market and the Operation methods described hereafter can be used within a temperaturerangeofabout 10 to 40″ C of the surface to beinspected. In case of superficial mechanical treatment e. The number of visible echoes on the oscillogram,Set at the maximum gain ifnecessary, should not be less than the number indicateal ontable 1 for the frequency rangeChosen with a Standard longitudinal wave probe of 20 to 26 mm in diameter.

The extent of the defect is expressed in percentage of the distance amplitude curve. Every verification is considered adequate ifthe drift noted stay smaller as k 2 dB. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

These processes are not equivalent to each other with regard to: The adjustment ccy sensitivity is obtained from the reference echo which is broughtto the screen of the ultrasonic apparatusto a given reference height.

The Designer may advise the Founder for information purposes.