Dalam konteks inilah buku Dari Puncak Bagdad Sejarah Dunia Versi Islam dapat dilihat. Seperti yang tertulis di sampul belakang buku. Over 1 million books & FREE* Delivery. Discounts up to 50%! Malaysia’s No.1 Online Bookstore with retail chains throughout Malaysia specializing in books. Dari puncak Bagdad: sejarah dunia versi Islam / Item Description: Original title : Destiny disrupted: a history of the world through Islamic eyes. ISBN.

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Saya masih hapal apa yang tertulis di diktat mengenai era klasik Greko, abad kegelapan, aufklarung, renaisans, revolusi Perancis, dan sebagainya.

Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes by Tamim Ansary

Within this area the drama and tragedies of civilization played out, only occasionally interrupted by incursions from the outside, such as the catastrophic invasions of the Mongols or the nuisance of the Franji Franks, i. So I vaguely remembered the Ummayads, the Abbasids, the Ottomans, the various Caliphates and Sultanates and Emirates that rose and fell from immediately after Mohammad’s death until the 20th century when Muslim nation states began to congeal into more or less their present forms.

He is very good at conveying the general sweep of many parallel currents. This book is recommended one for a muslim or non-muslim who want to learn about Islamic history in a short-well educated way. Buku serupa untuk bacaan lebih santai: Ansary does an excellent job parsing the various currents and forces that flowed through the Muslim world, explaining how they reacted to the change of events and why.

Ansary is a remarkable story teller in the best sense of the word. From Abbasids and Ottomans to Mughals and runia African kings, Firas Alkhateeb sketches key personalities inventions and historical episodes to show the monumental impact of Islam on global society and culture.

Go find it, it’s really great.

Penulis juga berusaha untuk menyambun Buku yang mengupas sejarah umat Islam secara menyeluruh. Ansary writes about Islam, Afghanistan, and history. The history of Islam and the worlds muslims brings together duina peoples, geographies, and states, all interwoven into one narrative that begins with Muhammad and continues until this day.

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past

It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. At times battles would be fought bayhdad armies that saw Muslims and Crusaders on both sides of the lines. If the Western and Islamic worlds were two individual human beings, we might see symptoms of repression here.


Also, it would be nice if it had more maps showing the expansion of the different empires and kingdoms, since some of us are not that familiar with the regions mentioned in the book. Just in the middle of this area, Mansur built a perfectly circular wall ring; one mile in diameter, 98 feet high, and feet at the base.

The most important aspect of Islam the author who is himself a Muslim stresses is that Islam is not about individual salvation but about the community.

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past by Firas Alkhateeb

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Membaca kisah sejarah mengenai peradaban Islam memang memunculkan imajinasi tersendiri. This book also cleared up a lot of facts that I was previously confused about. Setelah Islam menjadi agama utama di jazirah Arab dan mencapai kejayaannya, persoalan baru lahir menyusul wafatnya Nabi Muhammad.

Tamim sama sekali tidak menyinggung tanggal 12 Rabiul awal yang kini diperingati sebagai tanggal kelahiran Nabi Muhammad. Maria Ella I was reading your review using the Google translate of the Bahasa language and I found out that this is one long saga of the Islam sejzrah both in its re I was reading your review using the Google translate of the Bahasa language and I found out that this is one long saga of the Islam — both in its religion and its influence throughout the history.

I think that that picture circulating in facebook was taken totally out of context, and how funny it is when I understand the real background of such propaganda. That is where the beginning of the Caliphate era since 11 – 4o Hijriah. Sebagian isi buku ini memang tidak baru. Itu rasanya kali terakhir saya benar-benar bersungguh-sungguh membaca Verdi.

History is a narrative, and narratives form our identities, drive our actions. This book is a fantastic lesson in history without being burdensome. Want to Read saving…. The most interesting, and pertinent part of the narrative for me is the chapters that cover the interaction between the West and the Islamic world in the last two centuries, baghead the roots of the current conflict could be traced to the events that happened in those daei eras.


Apalagi, menulis tentang sejarah perkembangan peradaban Islam yang merentang lebih dari tahun. Tetapi, buku ini boleh menyebabkan orang Barat yang mungkin tidak begitu baghdsd Islam dan sejarahnya akan lebih mengenali Islam dan orang Islam sendiri akan menemukan kembali identiti mereka dalam sejarah dunia yang mungkin selama ini banyak digelapkan.

Di bidang sejarah, hal se Apa jadinya bila tentara Muslim kalah di Yarmuk? This confession is confusing because of an important event in one hemisphere, not necessarily followed by other important events in the other hemisphere.

A couple of fleeting pages puncwk China with some of my academic friends questioning its accuracy barely a nod in the direction of SE Asian coverage only where the puncqk largest Muslim population residesterribly thin on The subject matter is fascinating, and that is probably the book’s redeeming feature.

Good resources are hard to find and often conflicting. Now the First World has reached the pinnacle of human development, and all that remains is for the rest of the world to finally is,am itself up to our level.

Meluruskan Sejarah Islam Dari Puncak Bagdad

I know I certainly don’t get to mix the two in my punca, as often as I’d like to. Jul 26, Annikky rated it really liked it. Pyncak you’re into popular histories What was once a close community composed of Arab tribesmen became a multiethnic Empire. Speaking as someone with a pretty good knowledge base I can honestly say I learned a great deal from this book beyond never accepting a dinner invitation from the Abbasids and viewed history in a different light.

The book is called lost because it includes many historical events, personalities that are unfairly unnoticed by Modern say Western Society. Here in America, coverage of the uprisings presented them as a liberal phenomenon, a recapitulation of the revolutions in the West in which a democracy-seeking populace overthrow the old monarchs and aristocrats.

Momentum hijrah dijadikan sebagai tahun nol antara lain untuk mengingatkan perpindahan besar-besaran yang dilakukan umat Muslim dalam membangun peradaban baru di Madinah. All in, worth a read if you want a quick and interesting overviews of Muslim history.