Here, in the eagerly awaited sequel to David Eddings’ bestselling The Belgariad, is the first book of The Malloreon, an epic quest across strange lands and. The Malloreon, Vol. 1 (Books ): Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on. At the end of The Belgariad, Garion has slain the evil god Torak and believes that he may expect lasting peace. The first half of the book concentrates on the first.

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Guardians of the West: Eddings came into his own with this pentalogy.

Guardians Of The West by David Eddings

Said boy has grown up, unfortunately his wife’s character hasn’t and remains an annoyance for much of the series. David Eddings died on June 2, at wewt age of The old prophecy that everyone had been waiting for and had lasted for a few millenniums before Garion completed it by defeating the god Torak seems to have only been step 1 in saving humanity!

The Stormlight Archive Brandon Sanderson 9. The Malloreon begins three years after Garion defeated the evil Torak, a story told qest the five books comprising The Belgariad. The book also focuses on the life of Errand, who is growing up in the Vale of Aldur as Polgara’s ward. Raven’s Shadow Anthony Ryan 9.

guarfians I’m surprised that I recognised the names in this book despite having read about them last I haven’t read a fantasy fiction novel in over a year. Refresh and try again. Regrettably, both Belgariad and Malloreon suffer from the same issues: I am just as transfixed and enjoy them just as much. A friend suggested it and although I was hesitant, I read it.

Jan 05, Jared rated it liked it. With the publication of the Malloreon, we learned an important fact about David Eddings: At the beginning of this chapter, Belgarion and his fellow travellers are brought to Mallorea. Still, I enjoyed reading them. A favorite of mine as a child, with characters of perhaps a stereotypical sort, but well-written and enjoyable in the end. Subsequent to Garion’s discovery, his regent Brand is unexpectedly murdered by assassins sent to kill Ce’Nedra and her newborn son Geran.


This is my second read through. The Belgariad was a prefect fantasy series for young adults but I must admit that there was nothing too original in there and the characters were basic stereotypes.

I was surprised at all the casual violence–I didn’t wesf reading that when I was younger–but it’s still pretty tame compared to other fantasy books.

I sure have missed these characters. The Malloreon 5 books. Sadi convinces the group to pose as slavers searching for escaped runaways as the Mallorean rhe ravages Cthol Fuardians. The same was with Feist: Guardians of the West [Jun 20, ] 1 3 Oct 17, The first half of the book follows Errand as he moves to the Vale to live with Polgara, Durnik and the legendary but mischievous sorcerer Belgarath.

They are more like a drawing of a character. May 27, Veronique Auger rated it really liked it. The party is recaptured by Zakath, who threatens to take Garion back to Mal Zeth with his companions as collateral. Like most ugardians, The Mallorean is not as good as its predecessor.

On the island, they are directed to Ashaba, Torak’s ruined castle.

Its the same characters, the same setting, and this is when the snickering comes inthe same plot. However I am looking forward to partaking in the journey across the lands with Balgarion again. I’m glad I decided to give this a go on my Kindle Touch.

The inciting action of the story occurs when Garion and Errand are both summoned by the Orb of Aldur, and the Voice of Prophecy warns them “Beware Zandramas!


I did however despise his characterization, while some of the minor characters were interesting: Write a reader review Thank you for taking the exdings to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. I loved it so much I read them probably every couple years until 2 of the books literally fell apart.

Guardians Of The West by David Eddings book review

The fact that the characters themself are aware of this at one point, one of them asks “If feels as daivd we’ve done all of this before” doesn’t help, as the in book explaination is just overly defensive on Eddings part some crap about an unbroken, mystical cycle, having to break some pre-historical curse of dark gods etc.

Views Read Davdi View history. He lets the tension build slowly and rewards his faithful readers with nuggets of really worthwhile parts. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

This is the follow on series from the Belgariad that returns to Garion, Polgara and friends finding them enjoying a quiet peace following the defeat of Torak.

The Malloreon – Wikipedia

It is a trifle more grown-up, though – the violence isn’t nearly as underplayed, and the villain does some pretty horrific things, if always offscreen. Harakan escapes shortly after the revelation of his true identity. The group then continues east. I’m enjoying this series, but During his years under her care, Errand displays near- omniscience ; this puzzles Polgara and Belgarath.