The Overview page is the front page of this API document and provides a list of all packages with a summary for each. This page can also contain an overall. Switches all registered mock objects (more exactly: the controls of the mock objects) to replay mode. For details, see the EasyMock documentation. Why. Great testing includes isolation. Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. In a lot of.

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The standard EasyMock framework does not support mocks of classes. You can also specify a CaptureType telling that a given Capture should keep the first, the last, all or no captured values.

Getting Started

There’s deep, dark magic here, coming from a combination of Java 5 generics and dynamic proxies introduced way back in Java 1. Next I create a mock version of the ExchangeRate interface by passing the Class object for that interface easgmock the static EasyMock. The following code configures the MockObject to answer 42 to voteForRemoval “Document” once and -1 for all other arguments:.

The rules are Static and final fields are ignored If two mocks have the same field name, return an error If a mock has a field name and no matching field is found, return an error Then, ignoring all fields and mocks matched by field name If a mock without field name can be assigned to a field, do it.


Setting a property will change the entire EasyMock behavior. EasyMock has several methods which are used to configure the Mock object.

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Let us write a second test. If you use Maven, the final required dependencies will look like this:. In a lot of cases, we do not care about using real collaborators implementation in unit testing, as we trust these collaborators.

Expects a float argument greater than the given value. Instead of connecting to a real server that provides up-to-the-minute exchange-rate information, the test connects to a mock server that always returns the same exchange rate.

Create a new Java Project called com. T – the type of the object, it is passed documenttaion to prevent casts.

Online training

Getting Started You have brand new class. This is the old version of strictMock String, Classwhich is more completion friendly Type Parameters: T – the interface that the mock object should implement. It can also verify that you call those methods and only those methods, in the right order.

Nice Mocks On a Mock Object returned by mock the default behavior for all methods is to throw an AssertionError for all unexpected method calls.

EasyMock : Documentation

How Isolation involves Mock Objects To test a unit in isolation or mount a sufficient environment, we have to simulate the collaborators in the test. Dierk Koenig, Canoo AG. However, there are some obvious constraints: The same mock can be assigned more than once If no mock can be assigned to a field, skip the field silently If the mock cannot be assigned to any field, skip the mock silently If two mocks can be assigned to the same field, return an error Fields are searched recursively on the superclasses Note: It does nothing that couldn’t be done by manually writing mock classes, and in the case of manually written classes your project would be a dependency or two leaner.


This is especially helpful for testing extremely unlikely conditions out-of-memory error or class def not found, for example or conditions that indicate virtual machine bugs such as no UTF-8 character encoding available.

I can be a little pickier and specify EasyMock. This tutorial explains testing with the EasyMock framework within Eclipse. This is the old version of mock MockType, Classwhich is more completion friendly. Default is false easymock.

An exception will be thrown if that’s not the case. The instantiator is kept statically so it will stick between your unit tests.

Verification A first verification There is one error that we have not handled so far: Supported JVMs are listed here. The current test would pass if no method on the Mock Object is called. The others will still behave as they used to.

EasyMockSupport (EasyMock API)

In the latter case, our code sample would not compile:. Expects a double argument less than or equal to the given value. I did not believe this code could possibly compile, and yet it did. To understand correctly the two options, here is an example: Expects an int argument less than or equal to the given value. You can throw any kind of exception you like — checked, runtime, or error — as long as the method signature supports it.

Both have the exact same behavior. Is EasyMock worth it? documenhation

Unchecked exceptions that is, RuntimeExceptionError and all their subclasses can be thrown from every method.