Hymn XI. Paradise can only be described in terrestrial terms, but it is essential to realize that these terms are purely metaphorical; to understand them in a literal. The most in-depth and scholarly panorama of Western spirituality ever attempted! In one series, the original writings of the universally acknowledged teachers of. Hymn 1. This is the day that gladdened them, the Prophets, Kings, and Priests, for in it were their words fulfilled, and thus were the whole of them indeed.

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She measured Him and wove for Him, since He had made Himself little. It is those that are despised and least, that you ensnare after your custom: You are above the laws of the avengers of injuries. Wakeful likewise is the rich man, whose sleep his riches chase away: Syrrian my Lord, work for me this resurrection, not of Your compulsion but of Your love.

Hymns on the Nativity

This is the day that opened for us a gate on high to our prayers. The blessing wherewith Jacob blessed, to hymnx fulfilment came today!

Which by the nations hast been in turn instructed, how and where they saw — that vision whereof Balaam spoke; a stranger he who spread abroad concerning it — strangers they who saw it. Maxwell Purrington rated it really liked it May 22, David Your father, in the hundred and tenth Psalm, twined together two numbers as it were crowns to You, and ephre [to You], O Conqueror!

There are last that are first, and younger that have become first-born.

The bad man that in daylight stands, yet as a son of darkness deals; though with light clad outwardly, inwardly is with darkness girt. From the dry land gushed the Fountain, which sufficed to satisfy the thirst of the Gentiles!

The Holy Spirit longs for the gates thereof, that He may enter in and dwell there, and sanctify it, and He goes round about to all the gates to see where He may enter.

Other editions – View all Ephrem the Syrian: Glory to that Ephdem One, Whose Son descended and was small! Ephrem gained through his reading of Scripture:. Ephrem were widespread among all the denominations besides his own denomination, the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. Basic Catholic Prayers in Latin and English — listen to, and learn, our holy Catholic prayers, download them, or request syriwn free CD of all the prayers in Latin and English.


Herod also, that base fox, that sygian about like a lion, as a fox crouched down, and howled, when he heard the roaring of the Lion, who came to sit in the kingdom according to the Scriptures. That the earth should travail in one day, and bring forth a nation in one hour.

St. Ephrem the Syrian “Hymns on Paradise” – Introduction and Translation by Dr. Sebastian Brock

He was wrapped meanly in swaddling clothes, and offerings were offered Him. The day of the troubled one was troubled with sin ; and fair as You are is Your fair day! The womb of hell conceived Him and was burst open, and how did the womb of Mary contain Him? In March when the lambs bleat in the wilderness, into the Womb the Ephrfm Lamb entered!

The Nisibene Hymns of Saint Ephrem the Syrian

Let every man chase away his weariness, since that Majesty was not wearied with being in the womb nine months for us, and in being thirty years in Sodom among the madmen.

Of His own He mingled [wine] in the marriage feast, His wine He mingled and gave to drink when He was a. All the dead seek to go forth, but this one presses to enter in! Mild His severity even When He was accusing; for He rebuked the traitor, and kissed the thief.

For see how, when He was wholly hanging upon the Cross, His Power was yet making all creatures move! The simple who believe have knowntwo Comings of Christ: Whoever watches not cheerfully, his watching is but a sleeping: All the Kings of the house of David, transmitted and hauled on each to each — the throne and crown of the Son of David, as guardian of a deposit. Out of the stream whence the fishers came up, He was baptized and came up Who incloses all things in his net; out of the stream the fish whereof Simon took, out of it the Fisher of men came up, and took him.


The dead came forth, and the living were ashamed — they who thought that they had conquered the Life Giver of all. In his death there was weeping among the living; likewise in Sheol is great mourning at his resurrection.

Today syriann angelsand the archangels — descended to sing — a new song on earth. Our Lord subdued His might syeian constrained it, that His living death might give life to Adam. Let not anything that may disturb it enter into our watch! You are the Shepherd thereof, You are the Drink thereof, You are the salt thereof, yea, the Visitor thereof.

In you is the sound — of the great feast the festival of the King! Imprint your tongue with the word of life and upon your hands [imprint] all alms.

Or how shall I give nourishment to You that nourishes all from Your Table? Jan 27, Victoria Gaile rated it liked it Shelves: The sealed belly and the closed rock were among the accusers.

Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns

His Will was able, even by force to rescue us. Like to You be Your day to us, Lord; let it be a mediator and a warranter of peace.

He gave peace to the vineyard, but destroyed the vineyard that brought forth wild grapes. Severe His silence and reproachful. He therefore that is prudent will either go up into Heaven, or, if that be too hard, will go down to Sheol which is easy.

Page 42 – His symbols upon His possessions. How surian then the pain of Sheol, when there smote her strange pangs; the dead were roused and broke forth and came out from her bowels. Page 34 – Paradoxically, Mary gave birth to and nourished and cared for the Incarnate One who gave life, nourishment and care to her. Though one be near or though he be far off, the end brings him to the gate of hell.

O great mystery of that which is in Jesus, Whose might turns all creation back again!