Adaptación, validación y normalización de la escala de autoconcepto de Piers- Harris para los/as niños/as puertorriqueño/as entre las edades de ocho a once. Escala de Autoconcepto Piers Harris · Escala de Autoconcepto de Tennessee ( Perfil) Descripción: Test de Autoestima Piers Harris y Tae Clases (1). Cardenal, V., & Fierro, A. (). Componentes y correlatos del autoconcepto en la escala de Piers-Harris. Estudios de Psicologia, 24,

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Its multifaceted, hierarchical structure. Remember me Forgot password? From the nineteen-eighties onwards, a large number of questionnaires were developed to measure self-concept. Maslow Autoconcepto Como se compone al haris. Dimensiones, medida y relaciones The social self-concept in adolescence and youth: Journal of Educational Pychology, 87 1 Journal of Experimental Education, 64, These components tend to overlap, since one’s perception of oneself as a being accepted by others is simply another way of assessing one’s competence at pifrs social level.

The Perceived Competence Scale for Children.

Social self-concept; social development; measuring instrument; reliability; factorial structure. Participants were selected using a stratified incidental sampling technique, with different levels and groups being chosen randomly in each college.

Sumar los puntajes de las 6 sub-escalas y dividir por 6, para obtener el puntaje promedio total de las sub-escalas para el inicio Calcular la diferencia de promedio de cada sub-escala respecto del promedio total sub-escalar. Escala de Resiliencia de Wagnild y Young.


Informe Psicopedagógico by Michael Campos on Prezi

Para corregir, se puede utilizar una plantilla sobre las hojas del cuestionario. Development and validation of a measuring instrument for Burnout Syndrome in teachers.

Data analysis Missing data were corrected using the covariance matrix and the multiple imputation technique MTMMfollowing the weighted least squares WLS method, since the required normality condition was not fully met. What has yet to be clarified, however, is whether these two dimensions alone social acceptance and social competence are sufficient to explain the self-perceptions of social development.

The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 14 1 La estructura tridimensional del bienestar subjetivo The three-dimensional structure of the subjective well-being. Age and sex effects in the structure and level of selfconcept for preadolescent children.

Convergent and discriminant validation of a measure of social self-concept. La escla proporciona perfiles que ilustran esta tendencia. Table 4 below shows the results of the confirmatory factor analysis, which was verified for each of the proposed models. The internal consistency of the questionnaire was calculated using Cronbach’s alpha index, with an acceptable value of.

It is a fast screening method for adolescents and young adults that offers good psychometric characteristics that justify its use and application in both applied practice and research.

Identifying these types of connections is extremely valuable, since it reveals new perspectives from which to approach educational interventions designed to help individuals achieve better personal adjustment. When the aim of an empirical piece of research is to study the factorial structure esfala a questionnaire based on exploratory and confirmatory analyses, the sample has to be divided into two random halves.


The second model M2 was made up of two uncorrelated factors social responsibility and social competence. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 39, The construct validity for multidimensional self concept ratings by late adolescents. The models were compared in accordance with the maximum likelihood method, taking the covariance matrix as the input for the data analysis.

Escala de Autoconcepto de Piers y Harris – PDF Free Download

Cuestionario de Autoconcepto AF5. Los dominios social y personal del autoconcepto The social and personal domains of self-concept. Figure 1 contains a graphic representation of the two-factor model of correlated factors, corrected through the liberation of these two errors M3Lsince this was found to be the best model for explaining the factorial structure of the AUSO.

Educational Psychologist, 20, Autoconcepto y Rendimiento Escolar.