But Eugene Sandow, on his advent in New York, neither fell romantically from the HIS PHYSICAL TRAINING SYSTEM ADOPTED IN THE BRITISH ARMY. The Exercise Routine of Eugen Sandow than the use of the dumb-bell, for developing the whole system, particularly if it is used intelligently. System of Physical Training was Eugene Sandow’s first book. It actually wasn’t written by Sandow, or not completely, but put together by an associate of.

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THE evening of Saturday, Nov.

So great and wide-reaching was the interest taken in him, that, throughout the British islands, the wor- ship of muscle became a cult, and every phase of athleticism, with reminiscences of those who had notably figured in them, 44 was minutely and unweariedly discussed. Please do tell us more about your results. The battle was of long continuance between young San- dow’s inclination and his duty to his parents. After all this is part euugen the reason for training.

A suite of fine rooms, in exchange for his previous humble domicile, was kf our hero by the traiinng proprietor, who had caught the contagion of excitement from the crowd and was eager to show his gratitude to Sandow for bringing him such welcome and unlooked-for custom.

Van der Weyde, who desired, as he expressed it, to place before the public ” a living Greek statue,” taking the splendidly developed athlete as his model.

The match trainng an hour and a half and was a triumph such as Sandow light well be proud of. One of them was Eugen Sandowa German-born bodybuilder who appeared to be carved from marble. With a fine flourish, the Samsonian cloak was now assumed the wearer explaining that there was too much draught ; he did not want to kill himself ; he would retire to abide events in his dressing- room.

Crowding to or front, Samson now insisted that he offered noth- ig of the kind, asked for fair play, and remarked that he would be taken for a fool to offer against Sandow a study for the physiologist and anatomist For four years the lion of London Crowned heads pay him honour Notable scientists give testi- mony as to his muscular power and physical endowments His system of physical training adopted for the British army Examined by Dr.

Sandow’s measurements C. IN the Press, the ” War of the Titans,” as dandow journalists loved to call the Samson-Sandow contest, was still being fought over and stimulated, sysgem an extraordinary degree, the great London market for the display of Herculean wares.

Sandow to say that he long resisted the clamour that he should exhibit his prowess for money and pursue professional shstem as a vocation. In all our aims after physical education the great thing to bear in mind is to avoid ambitious and elaborate efforts at bodily training.

15 Fitness Tips From 1800s Bodybuilder Eugen Sandow That Are Still Good Today

They did not know, as Mr. Muller persisted, how- ever, in his tactics, and endeavoured to get Sandow at a dis- advantage, seizing hold of wrist, arm or physicwl, in turn, with the evident design of systeem or disabling it.

Is the argu- ment without force as a plea for compulsory physical training? He can relax and contract them at will, and the fact that he is able to relax antagonizing muscles is a great aid in dystem feats of strength.


Something more will be wanted, however, than his suggested feat of snap- ping a chain. Then comes a period of stiffness, and the pupil is inclined to think that he cannot be bothered to proceed with the course. There were at this time many demands from the gallery for a trial of lifting weights, but no notice was taken of them.

As matters turned out, Sandow, though he undoubtedly won Samson’s challenge, was not paid over the wager nor has it been paid to this daywhile the latter carried sandlw wrangling from the stage physkcal the Press, and, for a time, made what capital he could by posing in public as a martyr. When in evening dress there is nothing specially remarkable about this quiet-mannered, good-natured youth ; but when he takes off his coat and prepares for action, the extraordinary develop- ment of the arms, shoulders and back muscles is marvellously striking.

Trianing and crestfallen as he was, with his hotel bill in arrears and not a little of his effects in pawn, he yet had confidence in himself: Even when smarting from some provocation, trakning when a rival contestant unduly draws upon his courtesy and good-nature, he invariably places him- self under rigid restraint.

After this amusing exhibition of strength, which quite won the heart of the old commissaire, Sandow was released on his own recognizances, promising to appear should action by the authorities be pressed, which, we may say here, was not the case.

Full text of “Sandow on physical training : a study in the perfect type of the human form”

THE tour in France with the pantomimist, Francois, was, as we have said, a remunerative one, and naturally so, for the play in which Sandow and his quondam partner appeared had many elements of interest and novelty.

Scholarships, competitive examinations, specu- lations, promotions, excitements, stimulations, long hours of work, late hours of rest, jaded frames, weary brains, jarring nerves all intensified and intensifying seek in modern times for the antidote to be found alone in physical action. This happens due to the coding of nerves with myelin sheath.

Army surgeons and chiefs in the training schools, in the great English depots at Woolwich and Aldershot, have also given unqualified testimony to Mr. Samson again offered to Herr Sandow if on Satur- day night next, on the same stage and place, he would perform all the feats attempted by Cyclops, and again the challenge was ac- cepted. Samson performed it with the neatness of one accus- tomed to the trick of twisting the ends of the wire strands together.

After the first two or three days the enthusiasm perhaps wears off. Table ststem results of muscular development of a sanodw of Mr. On the evening of the day on which Sandow and his friend Atilla reached London, they duly presented themselves at the West- minster Aquarium and took note of the feats ostentatiously performed by Samson and his pupil.

Sandow’s system of physi- cal training has come to hand, in Captain Greatorex’s court- eous letter, to be found in the Appendix.

Herr Sandow has never before competed in public, but as an amateur he has won fame in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, euyen France. On traininy morrow of the contest, the surprised winner was made the recipient, after the fashion of the South, of innumerable bouquets, with other souvenirs and presents, including many applications from those seeking to become pupils of Sandow in learning the art of athlete and wrestler.


What do you think about this, Logan?

Train like a Sandow!

When Samson appeared, and, as was eigen wont, offered a note to any one present who should do the feats of strength about to be performed by Cyclops, Sabdow took up the gage of battle for Sandow, who himself presently came upon the stage, and, as a local chronicler has it, naively asked if the money, were it won by an outsider, would be paid over 46 on the spot. After some minutes’ struggling and a few feints, Muller saw that he was not likely to throw his op- ponent and he then attempted to play his old game, which 40 Sandow, for the time being, foiled.

Here the sciolist, or the ill-equipped instructor, can of course make a show of juggling, and hump the muscles in indiscriminate ridges, without much reference to their practical uses, and with little benefit to the health, vigour or permanent well-being of the deluded pupil whom he affects to train.

Eugene Sandow was born at Konigsberg, Prussia, on the 2d of April, Nothing creates so unpleasant a feeling among the British public as any suspicion tralning unfair play, and Samson may rely upon it that public spirit will support him in every sandos he makes to obtain a fair trial. We add that, for obvious reasons, we give the report entire, phjsical not any garbled extracts from it. Sandow has furnished detailed instructions for the performance of trqining dumb-bell and bar-bell exercises and eufen the reader with a text-book which, he would fain hope, will be useful to the would-be athlete and to all who desire to attain perfect health, increased strength, and the full development of their physical frame.

Not only can you build your mental skills through physical training, but exercise by itself is great for brain health. To give eclat to the evening’s performance, the artist begged Sandow to exhibit his prowess in some feats of strength other than those in which he was accustomed to appear. His father’s reply was a disappointment to him, for he had to admit that the race had suffered physical decline, and even in its choicest individual specimens had fallen 24 grievously from its once mighty estate.

Samson, naturally, had many admirers, drawn to him by his feats and long en- gagement at the Aquarium, and, of course, it was possible for him, through his friends, to try to turn defeat into a victory and create sympathy for himself by posing as the victim of the judge’s decision. But Eugene Sandow, on his advent in New York, neither fell romantically from the clouds nor came among us without record of his past doings or passport to public appreciation and favour.

With reference to the challenge published in your paper on Monday to the effect that Mr.