Flyboys has ratings and reviews. Joseph said: This book literally changed my view of the world. I was amazed, shocked, disgusted, astounded. The author of Flags of Our Fathers achieves considerable but not equal success in this new Pacific War–themed history. Again he approaches. General Yoshio Tachibana’s headquarters. Dick Woellhof, Floyd Hall, Marve Mershon, Jimmy Dye, Grady York, and Warren Earl Vaughn were tied up here. 2.

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View all 22 comments. What he discovered was a mystery that dated back far before World War II-back years, to America’s westward expansion and Japan’s first confrontation with the western world.

Flyboys : A True Story of Courage

Bush’s experiences in WWII. Discover what to read next.

Later, the Japanese army drafted him from a Tokyo college and slapped Yamato damashii into him. If you’ve read much about war crimes, you should be fine with reading about the separate fates of these airmen, but the stories are disturbing and not for the faint of heart.

This is ostensibly the story of eight WWII flyboys and one unknown flyer who were shot down in attempting to take out the radio communications center on Chichi Jima, a much less notable location than its sister island, Iwo Jima, where most history focuses. I have contended that books should not get a 5-star rating unless they are must read books; this is a must read. One of those nine was miraculously rescued by a U. All I knew or thought I knew about Flyboys when I bought it last week off the bargain book shelf at Borders was that it was the story of downed US aviators and their horrific treatment at the hands of their Japanese captors.


Well written and a Great read even if the content is disturbing to think about. Bradley effectively conveys that, from the Japanese point of view, the raiders or at least some of them bombed a hospital, strafed civilian fishing boats, and killed schoolchildren.

The total number of casualties has never been determined, but the effects and be imputed from Japanese records “On reports stated that during one assault, a last-minute change in the wind led to the deaths of 1, Japanese soldiers and the injury of 10, more. They took over the military, assumed custodianship of the imperial family and, not jamfs after, of the entire country.

And yet I think it’s important for us to know and understand the history – warts and ugliness and all – and I found it to be a very informative and even enjoyable book to read. And what might have been for those millions of doomed Japanese boys, abused and abandoned by their leaders?

What happened to the other eight remained a secret for almost 60 years. Flight of the Avenger: The airmen found themselves in a Japanese stronghold stranger than many others.

Flyboys: A True Story of Courage

The Japanese fleet was crippled. In spite of the efforts of the author to be fair jaes both sides, I got the impression that the Japanese were far more cruel towards the people they captured, not least because their culture had no respect whatsoever for POWs.

Perry, Japan was a well-ordered feudal culture, following generations of rule under brzdley Tokugawa shoguns. A very worthwhile read for WWII history buffs. Chichi Jima, a place many people have no awareness of was a place of great tragedy during the Pacific campaign in WWII. It talks about for bayonet practice they would circle a Chinese man or woman’s heart and then stab them everywhere but in the circle to get as much practice in jjames someone before the person actually died.


Flyboys: A True Story of Courage – Wikipedia

To ask other readers questions about Flyboysplease sign up. The Third Dimension p. Looking for beautiful books? Every inch of the way – the Japanese would not surrender.

Summaries and Excerpts: Flyboys : a true story of courage / James Bradley.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It was mentioned G H W Bush put the plane in a skid so the crew could more easily open the door from the bilge, i.

A True Story of Courage on your Kindle in under a minute. Bradley to write a book that tells the story from both sides as well as some of the atrocities we Americans have committed over our history as a country.

All the major historical turning points – Pearl Harbor, Midway, Doolittle’s raids, Iwo Jima, the preparation for an invasion of Japan, and finally, Hiroshima and Nagasaki – are covered, but mostly just in terms of how air power figured into each.

He holds Japanese and American citizenship. So, yes, Stephen King in “the shinning”, you know the famous caretaker in the hotel, If the writing had just been a little more artistic, I might have given it a four. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He went to the roof, where flames lapped at them. George was the next to dive.