Frogs into Princes is edited entirely from audiotapes of introductory NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training workshops conducted by Richard Bandler and. good reason to have the same regard for Frogs into Princes. Once again, it’s REFRAMING: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Mean-. Frogs into princes: neuro linguistic programming / by Richard Bandler and John “Edited entirely from audiotapes of introductory NLP training workshops.

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Many therapists and other communicators are unsuccessful because they mismatch representational systems. And when it doesn’t, it’s because you never really “believed” in the first place.

So my time was not wholly wasted. Oct 05, Daniel Rickenbach rated it did not like it. In the forward, the authors somewhat guiltily admit that this is “a record of a story that was told “, and that they would like to “reassure the reader that the non-sequiturs, the surprising tangents, the unannounced shifts in content, mood or direction Buildings and rooms can be anchors. I would love to go to a Neuro Linguisitc Programming Seminar sometime to see this stuff in action.

Frogs Into Princes is a transcript from a live seminar conducted by the Bandler and Grinder. The function of modeling is to arrive at descriptions, which are useful — does it work or not?

Frogs Into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming – Richard Bandler, John Grinder – Google Books

Mar 30, Bryn added it. As a work of informative porgramming of nonfiction, however, the book fails. Language is a representation of our sensory representations, a map of another map. Sometimes a part organizes a behavior to do something and forgets why. It’s a tool for improving lives. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Using the principles of NLP it is possible to describe any human activity in a detailed way that allows you to make many deep and lasting changes quickly and easily. The same principles can be used to study people who are unusually talented in any way, in order to determine the structure of that talent. Once you have paced, you can lead the person into new behavior by changing what you are doing.

Frogs into Princes – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Mar 22, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: How, then, do people cue you in on how they’re accessing information? They are salesmen of a pseudo-science. Note that throughout, the therapist has no idea what the “bad thing” is, nor what the “good resource” is – he or she simply gives content-agnostic process instructions.

The main practice advocated here is called “reframing” – a “specific was of contacting the portion or part Ihto history is a myth; therefore, we can use it as a resource instead of a set of limitations.

Frogs Into Princes

I have never linguistiic able to tell if this book is completely linguitic or really profound. That makes sense to me when I think of how they came about the science of modelling people who excel at their art or science, Bandler and Grinder are the Fathers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and they make no mistake about demystifying the whole science of excellence and human achievement.


Primarily with eye movements, it seems. The text itself has been deconstructed.

It lingistic two men rich, if the Wikipedia facts regarding Bandler and Grinder are true, they in the end could not implement their own theories in their personal relationship with each other. Changing personal history is going back into your history and adding resources. And they profited handsomely from these impressive skills, offering little more than metaphors as proof of their efficacy, belittling those who challenged their methods.

When behavior is disruptive, it is best to use it rather than try to stop it. Jul 02, Burhan Abbasi rated it really liked it.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Our words connect to our experiences. Changing Personal History and Organization: The NLP therapist attempts to “speak privately with your unconscious mind” in, as always, a content-free manner.

Instead of creating pleasant anchors through touch when they are happy, couples usually anchor each other into unpleasant states. Interesting book on how to consciously influence others to agree with you or support your recommandations.