Helix3 R1 User Manual – This is the manual in PDF version for the original Helix3 CD. This is NOT the manual for Helix3 Pro. By downloading this iso you. Helix 1. 7 for Beginners by BJ Gleason and Drew Fahey Manual Version [email protected] 1. Dear Helix User: Thank you for taking the time. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the Helix3 manual without joining the e-Fense group. I have a copy of Helix3 but no manual.

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Mobile display – Big margins white space at right and left sides of the screen – How can Hleix3 reduce these margins? I wanted to install the Xeon quick start template http: I am using the Joomla menu module to display the menu for mobile.

Helix 3 template customizations – Joomla! Forum – community, help and support

Please consider the availability of third-party templates and extensions when deciding which Joomla version to use. Welcome to the Forum, Yep, Helix 3 is a Framework, it works as a base for creating more complex templetes, or you can use the default theme.

Have I understood well that the quick start install will result in a website identical to the demo pages? Board index All times are UTC. It’s not my first joomla website and if I remember correctly you could install templates on top of an already installed joomla. Forum Post Assistant – If you are serious about wanting help, you will use this tool to help you post. If I understood well the quickstqrt contains all the content of the demo.


The Joomla! Forumâ„¢

Also have one more issue: Too much vertical spaces between positions – how can I reduce these white spaces? It is displayed under the main content regardless to what I write in the Module Position field. Helix 3 template customizations Everything to do with Joomla! You only need to install xeon, this already have inside helix.

How can I change the social icons position? You Have this options: Board index All times are UTC.

Helix3 Manual

It is very clear now thank you. Forum Post Assistant – If you are serious about wanting help, you should use this tool to help you post. Is a manual install the only option?

So I deleted joomla, copied the files to the directory where I wanted the joomla website and try to reinstall joomla on top with softaculous but it fails as the directory already exists. Breadcrumbs position appears with gray background – how can I change this background to white? Link to helix http: You also have the official forum in helix-framework.


Can somebody ELI5 me what Helix actually does? Project relies on revenue from these advertisements so please consider disabling the ad blocker for this domain.

Is it a template, is it a framework to create templates?

Mega menu – arrow for sub-sub menus are pointing to left and the sub-sub menus are displayed at right – how can I change the position of the arrow to point to right? Yet, I managed to change the breadcrumb background color Code: Project relies on revenue from these advertisements so please consider disabling the ad blocker for this domain.

It seems easier to start from there then starting with maunal empty template.

e-fense, Inc. Store – Helix3 Manual

Offcanvass menu screen – How can I change the background color and the menu text size. Or is this ,anual too specific and more suited for the helix forum?

Select all sp-breadcrumb, sp-breadcrumb.

Also, in order to install Xeon it’s not necessary to install Helix also, right?