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Complete circuits for Multiplexer and De-multiplexer circuits using TTL IC and This Data Selector Multiplexer contains full on-chip decod- ing to select one-of- eight data sources as a result of a unique three-bit binary code at the Select. A typical IC is an 8-to-1 multiplexer with eight inputs and two outputs. The two outputs are active low and active high outputs. It has three.

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For example, consider a data bus that is connected to multiple memory id units. MUXes are core components in most digital systems as they can be used to pass the correct signal based on some conditional logic. Output same as input, High-Z Enable. Multiplexers generally only come in a few common sizes.

A high level iv the strobe forces the W output high and the Y output as applicable low. Retrieved from ” https: Multiplexers are useful in any application in which data must be chosen from multiple sources to a single destination.

Such multiplexer can be design from four 8: It does mean that for multiplexers with odd number of inputs, some selection line combinations are not allowed e.


For a multiplexer with Equation upper N inputs, you also need Equation left ceiling log Subscript 2 Baseline left-parenthesis upper N right-parenthesis right ceiling selection lines.


Typically larger multiplxers over 8 or 16 inputs are built using smaller multiplxers using a multiplexer tree.

The K-Map for 7451 truth table is provided on the left. It’s often desirable to add an enable or strobe input EN to a multiplexer.

74151 Data Selectors/Multiplexers

A multiplexer mux or a data selector or input selector is a combinational circuit device that selects one of N inputs and provides it on its output. Pins 5 and 6 are the outputs, the output on pin 6 is the inverted version of the output on pin 5. A truth table is provided on the right.

IF component not in Stock or require more quantity or want to buy in bulk e-mail us your requirements on: The A have a strobe input which must be at a low logic level to enable these devices. Even in ASIC design, arbitrary sized multiplexers are not always offered. Features of selects one-of-eight data lines Performs parallel-to-serial conversion Permits multiplexing from N lines to one line Also for use as Boolean function generator Typical average propagation delay time, data input to W output: A set of inputs called select lines determine which input should be passed to the output.

IC pinout diagram – Integrated Circuits

From there the sum of minterms and the logic function for a 2: MUX with an SR latch. A multiplexer with 2 N input lines requires N select lines.


Multiplexer Typical Symbol 2: Write a review 0 reviews.

A multiplxer is a device that receives multiple inputs from usually different sources. This reduces the possibility of transients occurring at the output s due to changes made at the select inputs, even when the A outputs are enabled i. Complementary outputs, High-Z Enable.

Those types of multiplexers can be hooked up directly to a shared bus ensuring that only one signal is being generated on the bus at any given time. An enable input makes the multiplexer operate. Vcc is on pin 16 and GND is on pin 8. The enable is on pin 7. It also has complementary W and Y outputs, whereas the has an inverted W output only. A set of select lines are then used to choose which of those inputs gets produced as output.

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