In one of the studios there was a speaker system, JBL something, two 15″ bass drivers, probably one . 4th midrange driver: JBL H Go to measurements. The H are not aquaplased as the H’s. How are their sonic character? I’ ve been told that JBL would have to come up with a four-inch. I’ve got a couple of JBL h drivers that I’d like to use in mid range horns. They would slot in between a JBL h L/F and a 1′ HF CD/horn.

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I fully acknowledge that most people may not want home reproduction as dynamic as live concerts. This seems to work very well indeed. Read specs for more details.

Pictures and images JBL H – Audiofanzine

Whatever helps you sleep at night If I get lucky I’ll nbl another one next year. You’re still young, here’s hoping you get a workable pair. In terms of dynamics and transparency it beats anything I’ve made before. This is one reason the four-seat listening window. I’ll add wheels to the base frame to be able to move the monsters around I think this is because these newer systems are easier to listen to because those older designs chopped up the presentation into distinct ranges and that forced you to listen and focus in on each driver.

Seller information ppslinc I’m coming around to thinking the same way. Preparing rear panel and cutting to length. Whether this will be useful in crossover design is to be seen. First step is gluing outer panels, two upper braces with mid cabinet and the upper part of the rear panel in one take. These studio monitors are my inspiration, and let’s get to my main 2123hh immediately, because the reason for holding back on such a construction is the issue of time-alignment of of midrange driver and the horn.


Compression driver with horn. Not bad at all! First a 4th order high-pass at Hz and jbk 4th order low-pass at 5 kHz. Made 2123 intact, a little scuffed. Preparing the two upper braces with midrange cabinet.

In that paper they explain “why” trying to 21233h a ME to a will sound like shit. The Midrange Driver The midrange driver caused the most trouble, in particular the 10NDA because of its intrinsic frequency response on the intended baffle. Description Postage and payments.

It really depends on what exactly you are looking for. The horns Back to drivers.

It is of paramount importance the treble range being smooth as seen above. Jbbl speaker will seriously display any deficiency in amplification and source material.

Rob, is there any ‘objective’ reason for that? Some of the design features here build on client work and one of them had a visitor claiming the sound being too dynamic!

Rob’s good experience with them, may be a good suggestion for the other members to start DIY projects, especially it seems to me that they are not so large as mentioned x family.


Images : JBL 2123H

That was really, really hard to decide, because the horn to some extent would jeopardize the dispersion of the midrange driver unless they were wide apart. It’s probably broken in half. Two layers of acoustilux at bottom hbl cabinet. The 10NW, which is really meant for another project, didn’t disappoint and 223h a smooth midrange very well integrated with the horn, but also lacking a certain vivid quality of the 10NDA Good bass can be made in many ways as well as the airiness delivered by the super-tweeter in the upper octave.

The key elements in all this is the 10″ midrange driver and magnificent 18 Sound compression driver and horn with its exceptional dispersion. Report item – opens in a new window or tab. Now, before we proceed I have a confession to make.

Jamie is awesome, always has been. Getting rid of the 3.

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Note that it works extremely well on the smaller Array horn. Above the 10″ 10NW mid-bass driver from 18 Sound. Have a 15″ Ciare bass driver that needs company. Back to home jbbl Return to top.