Linda Howe After two decades of spiritual searching, Linda Howe first encountered the Akashic Records in Many adventures later, now a Doctor of. How to Access Your Own Akashic Records. Linda Howe Offers The Perfect Prayer. Linda Howe More by this author. Aug 12, at PM 0 Comments. Jun 4, As I explain in my book, Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records, you and your soul are one. Sometimes this seems so real you.

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Open Preview See a Problem? I will immediately order the reecords, since the sooner I get to work with it, the better! In this book we are guided to easily access linxa records both for ourselves and others.

A few short years ago, we were still embedded in the Piscean era. So for me, it doesn’t matter what someone follows; what matters is that someone follows with integrity, unconditional acceptance and love.

Books by Linda Howe. Hardcoverpages. My first try at it was VERY interesting! She is the author of three books, all Coalition of Visionary Resources Award-winners.

A Special Welcome to You from Dr. Linda Howe!

Dec 03, S. The more I read, the more formulaic the writing became, thus her voice was not as prevalent, and the delivery of information became clinical.

The book provides examples of sessions with clients, whose Akashic Records are opened, and who thus receive guidance.

I think that the companion CD set if you don’t take the course from the author at http: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I believe that there is no absolute truth; instead each person has his or her own truth.


After nearly two decades of spiritual searching, I encountered the Akashic Records inand have been deliberately engaging them for personal growth and consciousness development for myself and others ever since! I have not used the process yet myself, since I have not yet purchased the book, but borrowed it from the library, and have now to return it.

There was power in information, all right, but most of us were frozen out of the flow. Feb 26, Monty rated it really liked it. I think the Akashic Records are a very legitimate thing, but this book was all sorts of fluff. The Records are a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence — as well as all its future possibilities.

Linda is a fantastic teacher and her Pathway Prayer Process has always worked like a charm for me. Well meaning, but I don’t believe this connects people with a “divine” or “universal” level of consciousness or “akashic records,” as claimed.

Still recommend this topic for those interested, even if you have any previous knowledge or you are new. If you have an interest in the Akashic records this book is a great first step. So many things are there only for the asking. Linda Howe was the first person to bring the Akashic Records to the world community for the enrichment of secular people.

I am appalled at what happens in these days — namely, when some soul with the very smallest experience of meditation, if it be conscious of certain locutions of this kind in some state of recollection, at once christens them all as coming from God, and assumes that this is the case, saying: Oct 30, Kim Dallmeier rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 22, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing.


How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey by Linda Howe

I found it really interesting. Howe created an instructional CD based on this same material, so perhaps the book is more useful when paired with the CD. The Prayer is exceptionally powerful — it leads you into the core, the very Heart, of the Records.

May 02, Betsy rated it liked it. Just make sure that the music is somethi I don’t even know where to begin.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For classes with Dr. Embrace the Aquarian Age! As the stranglehold has loosened, you and I find ourselves pinda in symphonies of unpredictability, with events unfolding at an astonishing pace.

You can also read the Records of pets, of a home, of a company or of public monuments, buildings, etc. I’ve done a training in Akashic Readings and this book helped me get a deeper perspective on some aspects of accessing and reading the Akashic Records. I could have been reading about the Akashic Records.

I went into this book excitedly seeking a different approach to the Records. There is a whole world in there and I am excited to continue to learn more about it.